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Graphic Design Guide 11 Best Forums for Graphic Designers

11 Best Forums for Graphic Designers

11 Best Forums for Graphic Designers

Are you looking to spark creativity, improve your design skills, or simply connect with like-minded individuals? The right forums for graphic designers can serve as your ideal platform. These forums, teeming with a vibrant community of talented artists and enthusiastic novices alike, offer a space for sharing ideas, seeking advice, and staying abreast of the latest trends.

Whether you are a seasoned professional seeking fresh inspiration or a beginner desperate for feedback, there is a forum that caters to your specific needs. So, let’s delve into the 15 best forums for graphic designers that have been proven to be game-changers in the industry.

Best Forums for Graphic Designers

Below are the top 15 forums for graphic designers that are worth exploring:

1- Under Consideration

UnderConsideration, a gem in the online space for graphic designers, is highly revered for its well-known section, Brand New. It is a dynamic platform where exchanging ideas and insights is encouraged and considered a core aspect of the dialogue. Renowned for its exacting community, UnderConsideration urges its users to contribute valuable, well-thought-out feedback.

This forum for graphic designers demands high professionalism and substance in the discussions, making it a tough crowd to please. It is a community where mediocrity is unacceptable, pushing users to strive for insightful and constructive contributions. UnderConsideration is a beloved choice, known for its rigorous approach and commitment to maintaining high conversation standards.

2- Design Inspiration

Design Inspiration is a remarkable platform for graphic designers, brimming with many distinctive and innovative design ideas. This forum has gained immense popularity among creatives due to its unique feature, allowing users to save and share their preferred aesthetics, color palettes, and even specific design elements. Design Inspiration prides itself on being a platform that places a premium on creativity and individuality.

Its engaging community of users ranges from novices to seasoned professionals, all brought together by their shared love for design. Design Inspiration fosters an environment that encourages constructive feedback, transforming every interaction into a learning opportunity. Design Inspiration forum pushes participants towards excellence with sophisticated discussions.

3- Behance

Behance stands as an exceptional cornerstone in the realm of online design forums. A platform owned by Adobe, it houses an extensive collection of creative works from all around the globe. Behance is not just a place to showcase your portfolio; it provides an arena for professionals and enthusiasts to engage in meaningful discourse, exchange ideas, and provide constructive criticism.

Behance also boasts a unique feature, “Work in Progress,” where designers can publicly display their unfinished projects to seek advice or feedback. This commitment to fostering an atmosphere of collaboration and growth sets Behance apart. Participants can also explore the latest trends, attend live sessions and workshops, and interact directly with known design gurus. Behance is a space where creativity meets community, making it an essential resource for every graphic designer.

4- Graphic Design (Sub Reddit)

The Graphic Design Subreddit is a thriving hub on Reddit with a vast community of graphic designers. This forum allows for an open exchange of ideas, techniques, and resources, bolstering the learning and growth of its members. Users can showcase their work, garner critiques, and participate in weekly design challenges, fostering an environment that allows designers to flex their creative muscles and push the boundaries of their skills.

The Graphic Design Subreddit also curates insightful discussions, covering various topics from career advice to design principles. A distinguishing feature of this forum is the rich diversity of its community members, from seasoned design veterans to wide-eyed novices, all enriching the forum with their unique perspectives and experiences. This platform is a testament to the power of connected learning, making the Graphic Design Subreddit an unmissable stop in the journey of every aspiring graphic designer.

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5- Dribbble

Dribbble is a powerhouse in the online design community, serving as a go-to platform for designers seeking inspiration, feedback, and a space to showcase their work. This graphic design forum is renowned for its vibrant and active community, creating a space where designers from around the globe can connect, share their work, and provide valuable insights to one another.

Dribbble’s unique ‘Shots’ feature allows designers to share small screenshots of their work, giving other community members a glimpse into their creative process. This forum nurtures an environment of constructive feedback and creative growth. From beginners to established professionals, Dribbble is an inclusive platform catering to all, making it an invaluable resource in the graphic design world.

6- Muzli Inspiration

Muzli Inspiration is a treasure trove of inspiration for designers, offering many design ideas, trends, and fresh concepts. Its intuitive and user-friendly interface stands apart, making it easy for users to navigate a vast array of design works. With Muzli, users can keep their fingers on the pulse of the latest design trends, making it a must-visit for designers seeking to stay relevant in their field.

An exceptional feature of Muzli Inspiration is its Chrome extension. This extension turns every new tab into a design inspiration hub, showcasing a fresh array of design works each time you open a new tab. With daily updates, you can ensure you’re always up-to-date with the latest trends in the design world. This feature allows designers to seamlessly integrate inspiration into their daily workflow, transforming a simple web search into a creative discovery. Muzli Inspiration, with its Chrome extension, is truly a tool that empowers you to stay inspired.

7- The Die Line

The Die Line is an amazing resource in the packaging design world, known for its extensive showcase of innovative and inspiring designs. As its name suggests, The Die Line focuses on the art of packaging, making it a niche yet invaluable platform for designers specializing in this field. You’ll find a wide range of design projects, each unique in its concept and execution, reflecting the creativity and talent of the global design community.

The Die Line is a cool place for designers to connect and learn from each other. They’ve got a great community for sharing ideas, giving feedback, and supporting sustainability. You’ll find awesome packaging designs that are both beautiful and eco-friendly. It’s like a one-stop shop for packaging designers, where creativity is celebrated and connections are made. Join the community and get inspired on your creative journey!

8- Medium

Medium is a unique platform that stands out in the online design world, serving as a versatile space for designers to explore, learn, and express their creative thoughts. Known for its diverse user-generated content, Medium empowers designers to write about their experiences, share their work, and contribute to the expansive design theory and practice field.

Medium’s strength lies in its supportive and engaging community. It’s a place where designers of all levels can share their insights, challenge conventional wisdom, and engage in thoughtful discourse. This platform isn’t just about showcasing works and sharing stories, lessons learned, and the transformative design process. Medium is a must-visit platform for designers looking to expand their knowledge and gain insights into the design landscape. It fosters a shared learning and growth culture, making it an invaluable personal and professional development resource.

9- Logo Design (Sub Reddit)

The Logo Design Subreddit is a vibrant spot on Reddit dedicated to the art and science of logo design. This online community brings together many designers, ranging from the budding amateur to the seasoned professional. Through the shared passion for logo creation, members exchange ideas, critique works, and challenge each other in engaging design competitions.

An outstanding feature of this Subreddit is the depth and quality of discussions, touching on a broad array of logo design aspects – from foundational principles to the latest trends. The community’s diversity enhances these discussions, as each member brings their unique experience and perspective. The subreddit is more than just a showcase platform. It’s a learning resource, fostering constructive criticism and igniting creativity. Whether you’re a designer looking to improve your skills or someone seeking inspiration, the Logo Design Subreddit has something for every design enthusiast.

10- Crappy Design (Sub Reddit)

Crappy Design, as cheeky as its name suggests, is a unique and entertaining corner of Reddit dedicated to the lighter side of design. This forum celebrates design failures, showcasing the importance of good design by displaying examples of how it can go wrong. The shared content on Crappy Design ranges from humorous instances of poor typography to larger, more significant design blunders.

Crappy Design is a subreddit that promotes a humorous and light-hearted tone within its community. It encourages designers to learn from mistakes by laughing at them, fostering a user-centric and thoughtful design culture. Whether you’re a seasoned designer or a beginner, Crappy Design offers a fun-filled space to laugh, learn, and stay humble in your design journey.

11- Typography (Sub Reddit)

Typography Subreddit is a dedicated platform for typographers and typography enthusiasts. This forum champions the art and technique of arranging type, turning it into an accessible discussion space and learning hub. From font selection to layout decisions, you’ll find various topics covered by a diverse community of professionals and hobbyists.

A standout aspect of this subreddit is its commitment to sharing knowledge. You’ll find in-depth discussions on historical typefaces, tips on typography best practices, and critiques on work in progress. The discussions in this subreddit are robust and highly practical. They encourage exploration, experimentation, and learning, making it an exceptional resource for anyone interested in or working with typography. If you want to refine your type-setting skills or gain insights into this crucial design aspect, the Typography Subreddit is where you should be.

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