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A team of tech lovers who want to help you find the best tech for your needs. We know how essential it is to stay up-to-date on the latest technology, so we provide comprehensive and easy-to-understand blog posts on various topics. Whether you’re looking for reviews of the newest gadgets or tips on using technology to improve your life, we’re here to help.

A team of professional strategists, designers, and developers passionate about helping individuals and businesses grow. We strongly believe in the power of design and technology to transform businesses and create lasting value. We started this blog because we were passionate about technology and wanted to share our insights and reviews with the world. WeTechYou pours their entire hearts into blogs that provide better information. With extensive researching of new products and gadgets, our professionals enjoy writing about each of their findings.

WeTechYou hopes these blogs provide helpful information for other tech enthusiasts, and create a community of like-minded individuals who can discuss and debate the latest developments in the tech world –  Committed to creating beautiful, intuitive designs that solve complex problems, by working tirelessly to develop innovative solutions that make our clients’ lives easier. 


Sameer Ahmed co founder we tech you

Sameer Ahmed

Co-founder | CTO & Development Head

I began my journey in the field of technology by enrolling in Aptech in 2017. After completing my studies, I secured an internship as a web developer at Jazzsoft. Following the successful completion of my internship, I landed a job at Coincept, a small software house, where I spent one and a half years honing my skills. Subsequently, I joined Salsoft as a Junior Frontend Developer, where my primary responsibilities included adding functionality as per client requirements and making changes to the UI.

During my tenure at Salsoft, I met Anas, my colleague, and together, we brainstormed and implemented our ideas to create WeTechYou. It’s not just a blogging website, but also a platform for information sharing, providing services.

Besides work, I love riding my bike on long empty roads, traveling, hiking, and trying different cuisines. My primary interest is learning new things, especially new technologies. I take pleasure in solving programming problems, even if they can be frustrating at times.

A few of my skills would include multidisciplinary product, web,  UI / UX designer, producing brand Identity. I possess the ability to come up with creative solutions and unique growth strategies for businesses of various scales. Having worked with software firms (Kamelpay, Neighbourly, Qordata), product based websites, and other various business models for the past decades has given me quite an insight. Drawing on this exceptional experience I wanted to share the wisdom I have gained over the years and provide my experiences.

Other than work, I love Cars (any sorts of), Cinematography, Movies, Anime, Book Reading and Food.

Products: Qordata Compliance Central, Kamelpay, Neighbourly, Memories365, Etre Dubai

Anas Ahmed

Co-founder | Design & Strategy Head

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