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Other Tech Mic Arms 101- A Complete Guide

Mic Arms 101- A Complete Guide

The robust rise of digital content creation in recent years has brought about an immense shift in how content is produced and consumed. Also with the rise of the social media platforms like YouTube, podcasts, Facebook Live, online classes, individual live-streaming, and live gaming sessions, the target audience has entirely shifted from traditional media to these platforms.

Quality mics and mic arms, in this context, play a vital role to ensure high-quality audio production. It also ensures and enhances the overall viewer experience.

If you are also interested in digital content creation, making home recording studios, live-streaming on some social media platforms, podcasting, remote work and collaboration, and growing in the gaming streaming community. You ultimately need a high-quality mic arm along with other essentials for doing that.

So this short buying guide is of significant importance for knowing all about mic arms.

What Are Mic Arms?

A mic arm, also commonly known as a microphone arm or a microphone boom arm, is simply a device that is used to mount and position a microphone in order to have flawless recording and optimal broadcasting. It is an adjustable and flexible arm that usually attaches to a stand or a desk to hold the microphone safely in one place.

Mic arms are a modern tool that are specially designed to reduce the surrounding noise and vibrations which usually occurs while recording without it. All these unwanted and unpleasant noises are minimized when you suspend the microphone in midair using a mic arm.

Mic arms are commonly used in recording studios, streaming setups, podcasting setups, gaming setups, voice-over recording setups, and also the other audio recording environments. With it, a user can conveniently adjust the position, height, angle, and distance from the sound source in no time. A clear and consistent audio quality is also ensured by using a mic arm.

So we can say that just like a camera is important for all other traditional media platforms, mic arms are also a part and parcel of the modern social media platform in terms of content creation.

Are Mic Arms Universal?

No, mic arms are not specifically made universal.

A mic arm is not specifically designed to be compatible with all microphones. There are numerous limiting factors that determine which mic arm is to be used for a specific microphone.

Moreover, the mic arm is also constructed with threads in order to attach a microphone clip. If the threads of a microphone are not compatible with the threads of the mic arm, you cannot attach or place your microphone to that specific mic arm.

So it is important to have a right mic arm that can hold the microphone easily, and it is also compatible with your microphone.

How Can I Connect My Microphone To A Mic Arm Not Compatible With It?

Fortunately, there is a way by which you can connect a microphone to a mic arm, which is not compatible with each other.

A tool or device “mic clip thread adapter” can be used for this purpose. Mic clip thread adapter is used to step down or step up the thread on your clip to make it to the right size which is required to fit in your mic arm safely.

It means you can connect your microphone to a mic arm that is not even compatible with your microphone with this mic clip thread adapter.

What Do I Need To Know About The Compatibility Of A Mic Arm

When the compatibility of a microphone is concerned, you need to consider some key features to ensure that the mic arm works well with your recording setup and microphone.

1. Microphone Type

For different types of microphones, different mic arms are designed, i.e., condenser microphones, dynamic microphones, or some other specific model. So make sure that there is compatibility between the microphone and mic arm you are planning to have.

2. Size And Weight Of Microphone

It is important that a mic arm must support the weight and size of the microphone. So you are suggested to check the specifications of the mic arm with different microphone sizes and weights.

3. Accessories

Some accessories like pop filters, shock mounts, and windshields are also used with the microphone to enhance the audio quality. So it is also crucial to check whether the mic arm can accommodate these accessories too or not in order to avoid inconvenience later.

4.Mounting Mechanism

The mounting mechanisms of different mic arms are also different. Some arms require a hole to be drilled, while some use a clamp-style mount in order to get mounted. So checking its mounting mechanism according to your need would bring more convenience for you.

5. Thread Size

Also, check the thread size of your microphone attachment point is matched with the thread size of your mic arm. And if there is some lack, must check the appropriate adapter to get them connected.

6.Setup And Desk Space

It is also suggested to check the available desk space and adjustment options in order to get the mic arm fit on your preferred placement.

7. Personal Preferences

It is also quite important to check your personal preferences while checking their compatibility. For instance, some people prefer a flexible mic arm that they can adjust easily, while some find it better to have a rigid mic arm, so it may remain in the same place and not move.

Factors To Consider While Purchasing A Microphone

If you have finally decided to buy a mic arm, here are some suggestions for you to consider while buying it.

  1. Must ensure that the mic arm is compatible with the size and type of your microphone. To make sure, it is indispensable to check the type and size of the microphone too before buying.
  2. Checking the weight capacity of the mic arm, particularly if you have a heavier microphone or if you are using additional accessories, is quite essential.
  3. Also look for the adjustability of the mic arm i.e., height, angle, position, and reach etch, so you can position it exactly where you want.
  4. Must consider the mounting options for your mic arm too and choose one which better suits your requirement and preference.
  5. Try to have a mic arm that is made from high-quality and sturdy materials, even if it is a little pricey.
  6. Also, try to have a mic arm that offers good cable management features in order to keep your setup organized and look good.
  7. It is also suggested to have a mic arm that is easy to install and set up.
  8. Looking for smooth rotation and swivel capabilities in a mic arm is also good, as you repeatedly do these things while using your microphone.
  9. You are also recommended to have a mic arm with a locking mechanism in order to secure the arm in one place where you have set it once in your preferred location.
  10. Set your budget before having a mic arm and then go for one which has features according to your preference. It is also proposed to see specs and build quality too, and not only the price so that it may last longer.

If you buy a mic arm following these instructions, not only will your mic arm last for a longer period of time, but you would also enjoy using it. Your viewers/listeners would also surely have flawless and engaging content.

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