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gaming The Best Place to Buy Custom Built Gaming Desktops, Monitors & Laptops

The Best Place to Buy Custom Built Gaming Desktops, Monitors & Laptops

Best Custom Build PC

The best place to buy custom-built gaming desktops, monitors, and laptops includes iBUYPOWER, CyberPowerPC, PCSpecialist, Origin PC, and AVADirect – these platforms specialize in gaming hardware and software. Each of these stores offers a variety of components for custom built gaming machines, so shoppers can get the perfect gaming computer to fit their budget and gaming needs. All the stores also have knowledgeable staff to help with the configuration process and provide after-sale services such as installation, setup, and repair.

Among other custom-built gaming apps, we found OriginPC as a one-stop shop for our requirements. Origin PC is the perfect place to buy custom-built gaming desktops, monitors, and laptops due to its commitment to providing the latest innovative technology combined with extreme customizability. 

With Origin PC, you can Customize Your Power with Origin High-Performance PCs to fit your exact needs and wants, both in terms of software and hardware. You can choose from the latest processors and graphics cards, a variety of memory configurations, monitor sizes and types, custom cooling solutions, and even the chassis itself. Let’s figure it out more… 

Origin PC – The Best Place to Buy Custom Gaming Accessories

Origin PC is a manufacturer of high-performance gaming computers and workstations. Origin PC was founded in 2009 and is based in Miami, Florida. Origin PC specializes in customizing and building PCs based on customers’ needs. Origin PCs come pre-loaded with highly acclaimed components from leading technology brands, including Intel, NVIDIA, AMD, ASUS, and more. 

Origin PC is an excellent choice for custom gaming systems and accessories. With their high-end gaming PCs and laptops to their extensive range of peripherals and gaming accessories, they have everything you need to upgrade your gaming experience. 

The quality of their products is top-notch, and their customer service team is friendly and knowledgeable, making them an ideal choice for gamers looking to make their gaming experience as great as possible.

OriginPC offers unbeatable customer service that is available 24/7. Through their loyalty programs, customers gain access to amazing deals and discounts. In addition, every OriginPC system comes with a lifetime parts and labor warranty, which ensures customers can expect high-performance computers that will last for years to come.

Origin PC – The Chart-Topping Features

1. Play-Now-Pay-Later Financing 

Origin PC Financing is a great way to fulfill your dream of acquiring your favorite items quickly. Origin’s Play Now and Pay Later option makes it easy to finance your gaming essentials purchase with only a few steps. The platform offers a simple and convenient way to get instant pre-approved offers and rates as well as twelve months, the same as cash options. 

Moreover, there are no prepayment penalties, so you can stay flexible as payments can be spread out over up to 36 months. This can help you manage your finances, so you can focus on the things that truly matter.

2. Promotional Affiliates 

Do you want to join the best custom gaming PC builder, where you will have the latest gaming technology to recommend to your friends, fans, and followers? With Origin PC Affiliates, you get up to 8% commission on all referred purchases. 

Additionally, you could have exclusive monthly promotions, dynamic banners, and creative assets to make your marketing more effective. Sign up today and make your voice heard by spreading the word about Origin PC – the ultimate gaming PC brand.

3. Customer Support 

Origin PC Customer Support assists customers throughout their entire journey with their computers. From helping with initial installation to fielding technical support questions, Origin PC offers personalized service and expertise to ensure their customers have a smooth, hassle-free experience. 

Customer Service representatives are knowledgeable in providing patient guidance over the phone, email and chat, realistic about the customer’s needs, and catering to them to get the best outcome. They are available 24/7 and always strive to provide the best customer experience possible.

4. Exclusive Wallpapers

 The Origin PC Wallpapers is a series of gorgeous visuals customizable for the background of your computer. These wallpapers feature a range of themes, from abstract art to nature scenes. Some images range from vibrant and colorful illustrations to minimalist and simple designs. 

This allows users to customize their systems with a unique or personal style. Each wallpaper is unique and carefully crafted to bring a unique look to your computer. The Origin PC Wallpapers are the perfect way to add a touch of art and style to your desktop.

5. Twitch Channel 

We love the Origin PC Twitch channel as an online extension of the gaming PC brand. Located at, the channel showcases previews of the latest games on Origin’s custom gaming rigs. As fans of all things gaming, we love tuning into live streams by Origin PC’s professional gamers as well as chatting and watching some of our favorite streamers from around the world. We also benefit from giveaways and exclusive deals that Origin PC regularly hosts. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your gaming experience or spectate, Origin PC’s Twitch channel is a great resource.

Origin PC – Major Limitations 

1. Expensiveness

We have found that custom gaming PCs from Origin PC are typically more expensive than prebuilt gaming PCs. But they offer the benefit of tailoring the PC to meet individual needs and preferences. With Origin PC, you can choose components such as the processor, graphics card, memory, and storage to craft the perfect system to fit your exact purposes and budget. Prebuilt gaming systems, however, have general-purpose components that may not satisfy each customer’s needs and come with a fixed cost. Therefore, the cost of customizing your PC with Origin PC comes with an added premium.

2. Maintenance

We found that custom computers require more maintenance than prebuilt computers. This is because they must be custom-built by the user, which requires regular setup, configuration, and updating of hardware and software components. Furthermore, most of these components have not been pre-tested and assembled by professionals, thus putting the responsibility of proper installation, and updating on the user. This is to ensure that there are no issues in the future.

3. Compatibility

We have used Origin PC custom computers, and they require more technical knowledge than pre-built systems to be able to put all the components together and ensure they interact correctly. Unfortunately, if you’re not well-versed in building computers, a lack of understanding of the interactions may lead to the components not functioning properly. Thankfully, their technical support helps replace the component with something compatible with the other components.


Origin PC recently provided us with a custom-built gaming PC, and we were thoroughly impressed. Coming equipped with all the latest hardware and technology, the powerful performance of the machine exceeded our expectations. 

Not only was the system designed to our specifications, but the customer service and support network provided by Origin were top-notch. Whether you are looking for superior gaming experience or a powerful machine designed with your needs, we highly recommend Origin PC for its extensive range of options and reliable customer service.

In other words, if you’re looking for high-quality custom gaming accessories, you can’t go wrong shopping with Origin PC. Its stellar customer service and generous warranty offer ensure you get what you pay for. Plus, Origin PC offers a wide selection of affordable prices, so you’ll stay within your budget while creating your perfect gaming system. Get started by exploring Origin PC today to find the custom gaming accessories that would be best for you!

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