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Get Set Gaming – 7 Best Custom Built Gaming PCs

7 best custom build

Custom-built gaming desktops, including gaming computers, are high-end PC systems customized for gaming performance. They typically include higher-end components than traditional gaming PCs and are often built with cooling systems to ensure optimal performance.

Custom PC often boasts more powerful graphics cards, higher-end CPUs, faster memory, and other Properties tailored to gaming computers, such as multiple monitors and cooling systems. They also come with optimal storage capacities and more powerful sound systems. Such desktops typically cost more than pre-built PCs but are often capable of much higher performance.

Are you a hardcore gamer looking for that optimal gaming experience when you are in front of your screen? Do you want to take your gaming to the next level? Look no further than our reviewed top seven custom-built gaming desktops! These specially designed computers are packed with the latest gaming technologies to give you a truly immersive gaming experience.

Whether playing competitively or just for fun, custom-built gaming desktops give you the power and performance to take your gaming to the next level. Read on to learn more about the benefits of custom-built gaming computers and how to get the best out of your new system.

Most Demanded Custom-Built Gaming PCs and Laptops

1. EVO14-S – USD1,449

OriginPC’s custom desktops are typically constructed and assembled by hand. They are designed to the user’s specific wants and needs, allowing them to customize components such as RAM, processor, Hard Drive, and more. Custom desktops can be built to match a variety of budgets, and they are often built with higher-end components and overclocked configurations that can provide better performance than their pre-built counterparts.

EVO14-S Custom Gaming Desktops from PC Origins is a game-changer due to their powerful performance and compact size. With these components, this laptop promises reliable and exceptional performance. An external GPU amplifier adds power to your EVO14-S with up to an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 or NVIDIA RTX A6000 Graphics Card to match desktop-level performance.

Increase your performance using a 14-core (6P+8E) Intel Core i7-12700H CPU. You may force the EVO14-S to reach speeds of up to 4.7 GHz with Intel Max Turbo to obtain the best performance for games, applications, or even content production.

Its key Properties include:

  • Intel® Core™ i7-12700H processor
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti DDR6 4GB GPU
  • One Thunderbolt 4 port
  • 64GB of CORSAIR VENGEANCE DDR4 3200MHz memory

2. EVO17-S – USD2,599

This prebuilt gaming rig is ready to maximize your game, boasting a 2TB M.2 SSD for lightning-fast load speeds and 32GB of fast DDR5-4800 RAM for smooth, ultra-high-definition gaming. With the highest-end processor and graphics options, the VENGEANCE i7300 delivers the ultimate gaming performance.

Its key Properties include:

  • Processor: Intel Core i7 12700K
  • Memory: 32GB Dominator Platinum DDR5 4800MT/s
  • Motherboard: Z690-A PRO Wi-Fi DDR5 | Callout
  • Graphics Card: GEFORCE RTX 3080
  • Storage: 2TB M.2 NVME SSD
  • Power Supply: CORSAIR 850W 80+ GOLD FULLY MODULAR

Origin laptops provide a reliable computing experience and meet home and business users alike. Origin PCs come with Ready to ship pre-built PCs– these systems are pre-built. Plus, they come with free one-to-three-day shipping, so you do not have to wait long to use your new laptop! With options for budget-conscious shoppers and performance enthusiasts, you can have the perfect laptop for you. Browse Origin’s selection today and take your computing experience to the next level!

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3. CyberPowerPC

One of the top custom PC building websites for cost is CyberPowerPC, renowned for its large assortment of parts. For as little as USD769, you can assemble a gaming PC here. Through Affirm, the website also provides financing choices.

Additionally, you may purchase specially constructed gaming computers for more serious players. Along with the already comprehensive list of component possibilities, CyberPowerPC now offers a wide range of services, from expert cable management to intricate water-cooling systems.

Its key Properties include:

  • Forte: Laptops, Gaming, Content creation
  • Price: USD700 to USD6,000
  • Properties: Virtual reality, Water cooling, 4K HD, Overclocking
  • Assurance: Three years of labor, one-year parts

4. iBuyPower

One of the greatest custom PC builders for seasoned gamers is iBuyPower. Gaming systems under USD1,000 are available from iBuyPower, which is inside the Goldilocks range in terms of affordability. Additionally, it provides services like overclocking, water cooling, necessary cable management, and personalized engraving. The Easy Builder tool streamlines the PC construction process on the iBuyPower website.

You may choose between AMD and Intel as your processor right away. Then, it shows a few of their constructions. To further customize your tastes, you may utilize criteria like pricing, storage, visual memory, and unique Properties.

Its key Properties include:

  • Specialty: Media, Laptops, Gaming
  • Price: USD800 to USD10,000
  • Properties: Virtual reality, 4K HD, Overclocking, Water cooling
  • Assurance: Three years of labor, one-year parts

5. Digital Storm

On this list, Digital Storm also offers some of the most economical gaming computers. For instance, the Lynx Mid Tower begins at USD 1,000 and has two discrete GPUs. Do you require assistance with payment? There are financing alternatives available with regular payments. The warranties can be extended to a total of six years for labor and four years for components. Additionally, Digital Storm is renowned for creating intricate systems and creative water-cooling solutions.

Its key Properties include:

  • Forte: Workstations, Laptops, Gaming
  • Price: USD1,000 to USD3,000
  • Properties: Virtual reality, 4K HD, Overclocking, Water cooling
  • Assurance: Three years of labor, one-year parts

6. BLD

BLD is a new site compared to the top custom PC builder websites in our list. The company is a division of well-known PC hardware and accessory producer NZXT. Additionally, it offers one of the most thorough PC modifications, which novice and seasoned PC builders may rapidly value.

BLD allows you entire freedom to design your rig, unlike custom PC manufacturers that use pre-configured rigs. You may create a PC that meets your specific wants and preferences by responding to step-by-step surveys on the company’s website. You may also choose your spending limit, the primary game you want to play, and other criteria to determine the finest parts for your setup. It then provides you with several suggested builds after entering your filters.

Its key Properties include:

  • Forte: PC, Content Creation, Media
  • Price: USD700 to USD4,000
  • Properties: 4K HD, Overclocking, Virtual reality, Water cooling
  • Assurance: Two years labor, one-year parts

7. AVADirect

One of the top websites for manufacturing computers online for a long time is AVADirect. With its sophisticated and custom PC construction technology, this industry leader can provide personalized PCs at a value that needs minimal work from the end user.

You will have an extensive list of machines that can do what you want if you supply your budget, the games you want to play, the size you want for your machine, and the brands you are happy to use. After choosing a computer that fits your aesthetic preferences, you may further alter it to ensure its optimal configuration just how you want it.

Its key Properties include:

  • Forte: Gaming, Home PCs, Laptops, Workstations
  • Price: USD700 to USD3,500+
  • Properties: 4K HD gaming, Easy part selection, Water cooling
  • Assurance: Two-year labor, one-year parts


Overall, custom-built gaming computers are great for hardcore gamers who want the best and most powerful gaming experience. From high-end graphics cards to multi-core processors and lots of storage, each gaming desktop has its unique charm and characteristics. Whether you are looking for a gaming desktop to enhance your gaming experience or a powerful workstation to tackle your data analysis needs, there is sure to be something that will work for you.

So do not wait; build your custom gaming computer today and get the ultimate gaming experience!

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