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Artificial Intelligence Leonardo AI – Free and Best Alternative to Midjourney

Leonardo AI – Free and Best Alternative to Midjourney


Artificial intelligence-generated art is a fast-expanding discipline that has created some genuinely extraordinary pieces. Other AI art-generating programs are available in the Market; Midjourney is one of the most popular, but it needs a premium plan that begins at $10/month. is a free alternative to Midjourney based on stable diffusion. It provides a user-friendly platform for creating outstanding AI-generated art. In this article, we’ll compare the capabilities of with Midjourney. Let’s dive in…

What exactly is Leonardo AI?

Leonardo is a Generative AI content creation platform. is a platform that employs artificial intelligence to generate gorgeous gaming assets such as products, settings, helmets, buildings, and concept art. With an artist-friendly interface, it allows users to quickly generate ideas, train their own AI models, and create unique production-ready assets. Users can register for early access to the platform.

Major Leonardo features are:

  • Market-leading features that will offer you more control over your generations.
  • Rapid Ideation. Create one-of-a-kind production-ready assets using pre-trained AI models or by training your own.
  • Studio of Creativity. Visual elements are the beginning of a generative content generation platform.
  • Make Use of an Existing Model. To produce a variety of production-ready art assets, use a broad or fine-tuned model.
  • Build Your AI Models. You can train your AI model and produce hundreds of variants and deviations from your training data in a few clicks. Iterate as much as you like.
  • Discover Your Limitless Potential. In minutes, you can create a cosmos with endless possibilities. Iterate quickly and easily while maintaining a consistent appearance or style.

How Leonardo AI is a Top-Notch Alternative to Midjourney? is an artificial intelligence platform that assists organizations in automating processes and operations. It may give consumer behavior data, forecast customer trends, optimize marketing strategies, and more.

Midjourney is a customer interaction software that assists organizations in better understanding their consumers and measuring program effectiveness. It comprises automation, analytics, and segmentation technologies. and Midjourney are strong platforms that deliver important insights to enterprises. Yet, their focus is distinct. is a more comprehensive AI platform with broader capabilities, whereas Midjourney is more focused on customer interaction and segmentation.

In a nutshell, both technologies employ artificial intelligence to produce stunning visuals and artwork. However, there are some significant distinctions between the two platforms.

1. Leonardo AI is Quick in Learning

The learning curve for Leanardo AI is so low that even a kid could accomplish it. It takes some time to understand how to utilize Midjourney for a newbie.

Unlike Midjourney, Leonardo has a panel where you can easily alter parameters and picture sizes (no need to input them manually). You simply choose “AI Image Generation,” and a panel appears ahead of you. All you need to do is specify the appropriate parameters, and AI will handle the rest.

Some of built-in features are:

  • Transcription from Voice to Text. Both platforms include full audio-to-text transcription, allowing businesses to transcribe voice messages, voicemails, and recorded calls.
  • Meeting Minutes. Both platforms can provide meeting summaries, allowing businesses to simply review key topics and conclusions.
  • Email Autoresponders. Only can generate automatic email responses, which may be useful for firms that get a huge volume of emails.
  • Intelligent Reminders. Both systems provide intelligent reminder capabilities to help organizations keep on top of tasks and deadlines.
  • Collaboration within a Team. Both technologies enable real-time team collaboration by allowing members to share files, talk, and collaborate on projects.
  • Analytics. Only provides thorough data on consumption and performance, enabling organizations to find and optimize areas for development.

2. Leonardo AI Improves Your Prompts

Leonardo AI enhances your suggestions by providing sophisticated digital handwriting and personalized material. Leonardo AI’s machine learning and natural-language processing technology allow it to grasp the context of your prompts and learn from prior prompt results. It enables it to swiftly assess the effectiveness of your cues and give ideas for improvement.

Moreover, custom templates specific to your brand or industry may also be provided by Leonardo AI, optimizing your prompts for improved performance. You can use Leonardo AI to improve writing style, location, and substance to maximize engagement and conversions.

The interface of Leonardo AI is divided into two sections: Image Generation and Prompt Generation. You enter your prompt and generate an image in Image Generation, whereas Leonardo will give an enhanced version of your prompt in Prompt Generation.

3. Leanardo AI is totally Free to Use

Leonardo AI is completely free and extremely simple to use. Unlike Midjourney, which required Discord registration, Leonardo has its website. Talk about ease of use!

Simply go to its website, provide your email address, and join the waiting list. Then wait for your invitation, which might take a few days or weeks (it took me two days).

4. Leonardo AI is Rich in Characteristics

With Leonardo, you may rapidly improve the quality of your photograph, add features, or remove the backdrop.

  • Image Unzoom:Unzoom enlarges the image by appropriately finishing it. It’s tremendous if you have a landscape photograph because Leonardo can complete the dwellings, the wall, and the flowers. It costs five tokens.
  • Remove the Background:Everything is in focus with Leonardo AI. Leonardo eliminates your image’s backdrop. This function helps in creating stickers or combining different photos. This requires two tokens. Leonardo shines well when working with photographs with a primary backdrop.
  • Alternate Upscaled Image:The image is the same as before, with just minor features changed. There is minimal variation between the images, and it costs five tokens.
  • HD Smooth Upscaled Image:Use this function when you don’t require details in an image. This feature (which costs five tokens) smooths out minor details.
  • HD Crips Image Upscale:This function balances image improvement. It slightly decreases color saturation while increasing clarity (5 tokens).

5. Design Aspect of Leonardo

The design aesthetics of MidJourney and Leonardo AI are one of the most striking distinctions.

MidJourney V4 is well-known for its colorful and intricate decorations. The site uses AI algorithms to create aesthetically attractive images with vibrant colors, textures, and detailed details. MidJourney is a good pick if you want vivid and energetic patterns.

Leonardo AI, on the other hand, favors a clean and streamlined design style. The platform focuses on producing photographs with a contemporary and refined look. Leonardo AI is a good choice if you appreciate simple and clean UX designs.

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6. Leonardo’s Training Capability

Another significant distinction between MidJourney and Leonardo AI is their training capability.

MidJourney is concerned with picture production in response to stimuli. The platform has a large library of pre-trained models that may generate spectacular graphics. While MidJourney does not allow you to train your models, its options are flexible and meet a broad range of creative needs.

While Leonardo AI goes above and beyond by allowing users to train their models. This feature offers various possibilities, allowing users to develop AI models suited to their requirements. Leonardo AI goes beyond simple image production by allowing people to explore and play with AI in unique and personalized ways.

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The Verdict: Leonardo AI or Midjourney?

It truly depends on what you’re searching for when deciding between Leonardo AI and Midjourney.

Most of us are MidJourney fans. The visuals it generates constantly astound us with their extraordinary detail and overall coherence.

But don’t write off Leonardo AI just yet! It’s not simply about making pictures. It has useful tools for removing objects, adjusting backgrounds, and improving photographs.

So, complete control is over your photographs! If you’re searching for a free alternative to MidJourney, it’s also a functional AI tool worth investigating.

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