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gaming 15 Black Friday 2023 Deals On Gaming Gear

15 Black Friday 2023 Deals On Gaming Gear

15 Black Friday 2023 for Gamers

Black Friday is right around the corner for avid gamers and tech enthusiasts, which means one thing: fantastic prices on gaming hardware. It’s that time of year again when gamers across the world anticipate the ultimate shopping event to update their gaming sets.

Whether you’re a console player, a PC enthusiast, or simply want to improve your gaming experience, this Black Friday promises to bring jaw-dropping prices on a wide range of gaming equipment. It is the time to get the best deals on anything from high-performance gaming laptops to innovative consoles, gaming accessories, and everything in between.

Let us reveal the most anticipated gaming offers and provide exclusive Black Friday advice to ensure you make the most of this exciting day. Prepare to upgrade your funds and your gaming equipment!

15 Black Friday 2023 Deals for Gamers Willing Save Big on Gaming Equipment

1. PlayStation Misc: OIVO PS5 controller charger station — (save $4.50)

The OIVO PS5 controller charging station keeps your PlayStation 5 controllers charged and ready for action. This simple charging station can charge two controllers at the same time, guaranteeing that you never run out of battery power. With a $4.50 Black Friday discount, it’s an easy decision for any PlayStation fan.

2. PlayStation Headsets: HyperX CloudX Stinger Core gaming headset — (save $15)

For PlayStation gamers, the HyperX CloudX Stinger Core gaming headset is a must-have. It improves your gaming experience with its amazing sound quality and comfortable design. Officially licensed for Xbox, this headset comes with in-line audio control for effortless adjustments. Compatible with both Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, the CloudX Stinger Core and seamlessly connects to controllers with a 3.5mm port. And, with a $15 save on Black Friday, it’s the ideal moment to upgrade your audio system. Amazon Prime Members can enjoy free shipping on their purchase. 

3. PlayStation Charger: PS5 Stand and Cooling Station with Dual Controller Charging Station — (48% discount)

Elevate your PS5 gaming experience with the PS5 Stand and Cooling Station, now available at an exclusive 48% discount. This multifunctional stand is designed to keep your gaming setup organised and tidy. It features a headset holder, dual controller charging station, media remote control slot, and three USB hubs, making it a comprehensive solution for your PS5 console. Please note that it is not compatible with the PS5 Slim 2023 new version. 

4. PlayStation Backpack: CURMIO Gaming Console Backpack Compatible for PS5, PS4 and PS4 Pro — (20% discount)

This travel-friendly Gaming Console Backpack is available at an exclusive 20% off during the Black Friday sale. It is designed to cater to PS5, PS4, PS4 Pro, and PS3 consoles, providing a large capacity with dimensions of 11.8×6.3×17.7 inches. The smart design includes a spacious back compartment with a padded divider for a laptop or portable gaming monitor, while front zipper compartments offer multiple pockets for controllers, headsets, and other accessories. Please note that this deal includes the bag only, and does not include the console and accessories.

5. Gaming Laptop: MSI Thin GF63 15.6″ 144Hz Gaming Laptop — (20% discount)

This gaming laptop is powered by the 12th Gen Intel Core i7 processor to deliver exceptional performance and is now available at a fantastic 20% off during the Black Friday sale. The device comes with the latest generation Windows 11 Home, offering an enhanced computing experience for your everyday needs. The 15.6″ 144Hz display ensures a smooth and vibrant gaming experience with its fast refresh rate. With high-speed data capabilities, thanks to the SSD Gen 4×4 and DDR4-3200 memory, you can enjoy the fastest data transfer, system speed, and responsiveness. Keeping your gaming sessions cool, the Cooler Boost 5 employs 2 fans and 6 heat pipes for optimal thermal dissipation, ensuring the best gaming experience or creating multi-layered projects.

6. Sim Racing Handbrake:  64 Bit USB PC Handbrake compatible with Logitech G27 G29 G920 T500 T300 — (24% discount)

Revolutionize your sim racing experience with the 64 Bit USB PC Handbrake, now offering an incredible 24% discount during the Black Friday Sale. This sim handbrake is engineered for powerful compatibility, supporting Logitech G27, G29, G920, G923, T500, and T300 on PC Windows. Compatible with popular racing games like ETS2/ATS, Forza Horizon 4/5, Assetto Corsa, DiRT Rally 2, Project CARS 2/3, WRC7/8/9, this handbrake ensures a versatile fit for major steering wheels and handbrake options in simulation games. The integrated motherboard connection, along with a 78-inch USB cable, provides a secure and convenient setup. Its durable structure, flexible adjustability, and realistic drift experience with precision make it an essential accessory for any sim racing enthusiast. Please note that it is not applicable for Xbox One, PS4/5, or MAC; it’s exclusively designed for PC Windows.

7. Sim Racing Frame: Marada G923 Racing Sim Stand X Frame — (20% discount)

Marada Racing Sim Stand is now available at a fantastic 20% discount during the Black Friday Sale. Made from premium carbon steel, this wheel stand offers superior durability compared to ordinary steel products. The unique X-shaped structure, along with anti-slip foot pads, ensures stability during intense competitions, preventing the stand from moving or falling. Compatible with popular wheels like Logitech G25, G27, G29, G920, and Thrustmaster T300RS, T500RS, this stand is a perfect addition to your gaming setup. Enjoy quick and hassle-free assembly with pre-drilled holes and complete accessories. 

8. PlayStation Games: A Plague Tale: Requiem (save $30)

This Black Friday 2023, experience the disturbing and captivating tale of “A Plague Tale: Requiem” on PlayStation Games. Immerse yourself in a mysterious world and save $30 on this critically acclaimed game, in which you navigate a plague-infested medieval France while battling the Inquisition and swarms of rats.

9. PlayStation Games: Assassin’s Creed Origins Gold Edition — (save $80)

Assassin’s Creed Origins Gold Edition for PlayStation Games takes you on a journey through ancient Egypt. You can save $80 on this critically regarded game with this bargain. Discover the pharaohs’ secrets and witness the beginning of the Assassin Brotherhood in this graphically gorgeous and engrossing adventure.

10. PlayStation Consoles: PlayStation 5 + Marvel’s Spider-Man 2  — (save $60)

Swing into action and save big on Black Friday with the PlayStation 5 + Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Bundle. This package saves you $60 and contains the highly anticipated Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 game. With the powerful PlayStation 5 system, experience the excitement of web-slinging around New York City.

11. PlayStation Consoles: PlayStation 5 Slim + Call of Duty Modern Warfare III  — $499.99

The PlayStation 5 Slim + Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III Bundle will improve your gaming setup. This Black Friday sale is a deal at $499.99, providing significant savings. Immerse yourself in the high-octane world of Call of Duty while admiring the PlayStation 5 Slim’s elegant and small appearance.

12. PlayStation Controllers: PlayStation 5 DualSense controller — (save $30)

The PlayStation 5 DualSense controller will improve your gaming experience. Save $30 on this unique controller with superior haptic feedback and adaptable triggers this Black Friday. With the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller, you can take control of your games like never before and experience a new level of immersion.

13. PlayStation Controllers: PlayStation 5 DualSense controller (Midnight Black) — (save $4)

This DualSense controller adds a sleek and beautiful accent to your gaming setup. Save $4 this Black Friday on this eye-catching controller that not only looks beautiful but also provides an outstanding gaming experience. The Midnight Black controller will let you upgrade your gaming equipment and play in elegance.

14. Xbox games: Diablo IV Cross-Gen Bundle Edition — (save $15)

Diablo IV Cross-Gen Bundle Edition provides Xbox users with the greatest gaming experience. This game is a must-play for every lover of the series, thanks to its riveting plot and tough gameplay. And with a $15 discount on Black Friday, it’s the ideal time to begin on this amazing trip.

15. PlayStation Consoles: PlayStation 5 + Modern Warfare III Bundle — (save $30)

Prepare for an incredible gaming experience on Black Friday 2023 with the PlayStation 5 + Modern Warfare III Bundle. Save $30 on this incredible package, which contains the much-anticipated Modern Warfare III game. With the PlayStation 5 system, you can immerse yourself in breathtaking graphics and realistic gameplay.

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Round Up!

Black Friday 2023 is expected to be a game changer for gamers hoping to save money on gaming equipment. With exclusive promotions and discounts on the horizon, now is the ideal moment to improve your setup and elevate your gaming experience. Whether you’re looking for a new gaming console, high-performance peripherals, or the latest titles, Black Friday will provide an unrivaled opportunity to get them for a fraction of the cost.

Don’t pass up this opportunity to save money and increase your gaming setup. Prepare to power up and play!

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