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Apps & Software Is Windows 11 Lighter Than Windows 10?

Is Windows 11 Lighter Than Windows 10?

Is windows 11 lighter than 10

Well, the comparison really depends on the users and what features they value the most. In a nutshell, Windows 11 is more substantial than Windows 10. Although performance speed varies depending on the equipment you use, Windows 11 is a little bit quicker overall. Subjectively, I believe that it has a superior UI in some way.

Moreover, Windows 11 isn’t any lighter than Windows 10; in fact, the Win 11.iso file is almost 5GB in size, compared to 3GB for Windows 10. Compared to Windows 10, it also includes several new, stylish, and sophisticated functions and materials.


I have observed slower performance on Windows 11-powered PCs. This is as a result of the fact that each machine performs differently.

Windows 11 is marginally quicker than Windows 10 based on the OSes themselves. Even if only little, something is still shaky.


The users themselves will have to discuss that. Most people will tell you, subjectively, that Windows 11’s user interface is superior to Windows 10’s. The aesthetics are now very different from the previous version’s overly bland, flat here, flat there, and sharp edges.

The scheduler’s fundamental modifications, the addition of WSLg, Android apps, DirectStorage support, and of course the enhanced multi-tasking and touch support are just a few of the enhancements in Windows 11!

There are still more things that the typical user cannot notice or is not yet informed of.

Should You Upgrade to it?

The three main objectives of Windows 11 are productivity, creativity, and usability, but another feature of the new OS may be even more noticeable: Speed. Windows 11 is anticipated to feel much faster than Windows 10 even while using the same hardware thanks to a number of optimizations and performance upgrades.

Improved memory management enables Windows 11 to prioritise frequently used apps and processes more effectively. Apps will be able to launch fast and run in the foreground even when the CPU is busy with a taxing activity. The Microsoft Edge browser’s particular tabs and windows also benefit from this.

Additionally, Windows 11 machines wake up from sleep significantly faster thanks to improved memory management. Microsoft claims to have optimised the activation of only the hardware components required for a smooth performance when a specific hardware component is called upon. One of the cornerstones of Intel’s Evo Platform is instant waking from sleep, although that feature requires the most recent Intel CPUs.

Additionally, Windows 11 will allegedly be more effective than Windows 10 in terms of raw processing power. By doing this, the CPU load will be reduced and throttling won’t be necessary.
The requests to specific hardware elements, ensure that only those that are required are switched on. Windows 11 will allegedly utilise processing resources more effectively at the software level, which should lessen CPU stress and prevent the need for throttling.

On the device’s hard drive, Windows 11 uses substantially less space due to its smaller disc footprint. This has been accomplished by utilising more compression technologies and setting non-critical programmes’ default states to “stub.” There shouldn’t be any changes to functionality other than a little bit longer load times.

The updated hardware specifications for Windows 11 are also discussed in detail. As security is a crucial component of Windows 11, Dispensa claims that the choice to only permit modern Intel or AMD chips was made with both performance and security in mind. Since these more current CPUs are also thought to be more dependable, performance levels should remain high over time.

However, if the question of whether to upgrade still persists, remember Microsoft will support windows 10 till 2025. Given that, it’s safe to say you’ve got plenty of time to decide on it. However, if you ask us, it’s always good to evolve and revolutionize yourself along with the technology. It only means you’re keeping up. Besides, rumor has it that windows 11 will showcase a lot more performance and features in the coming years. I’d say you deserve an upgrade! Don’t we all?

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