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Home Automation Roomba i3 Vs i7 – A Comprehensive Comparison

Roomba i3 Vs i7 – A Comprehensive Comparison

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In the world of robotic vacuum cleaners, Roomba by iRobot has been a game-changer, turning traditional cleaning on its head. With its advanced technology, this innovative brand has transformed mundane cleaning tasks into an effortless process, rendering brooms and dustpans almost obsolete.

By simplifying household chores, Roomba has provided homeowners the luxury of time that would otherwise be spent on tedious cleaning tasks. With different models to choose from, you may wonder which Roomba model is best suited for your home. In this article, we will compare the Roomba i3 and i7 models to help you make an informed decision.

Roomba i3 Specifications


Built-in Camera No
Mapping Yes
Navigation iAdapt 2.0
Run time 75 min
Dustbin 400-500 ml
Multi-Floor Mapping No
Cleaning Area 1830 ft2 / 170 m2
HEPA Filter Yes
Weight 5 pound
Dimensions 13.34 x 13.26 x 3.63 inches



Roomba i3 Vs i7 - A Comprehensive Comparison

Roomba i7 Specifications


Built-in Camera Yes
Mapping Yes (Multi-Floor Mapping)
Navigation iAdapt 3.0 and vSLAM
Run time 75 min
Dustbin 400-500 ml
Multi-Floor Mapping Yes
Cleaning Area 1991 ft2 / 185 m2
HEPA Filter Yes
Weight 7.44 pound
Dimensions 13.34 x 13.34 x 3.63 inches



Roomba i3 Vs i7 - A Comprehensive Comparison

Differences Between Roomba i3 and i7

If you’re in the market for a Roomba, you may have noticed that the i3 and i7 models share similar features. However, these two models also have significant differences that set them apart. Let’s take a closer look at these variations:

Difference 1: Built-in Camera in Roomba i7

The Roomba i7 model, unlike the i3 model, comes with a built-in camera that enhances its cleaning capabilities. With vSLAM technology, it captures detailed data points to create an internal map of your home. This allows the Roomba i7 to navigate efficiently and ensure every area is cleaned.

For pet owners, the camera feature truly shines. It helps the Roomba i7 to spot and avoid pet toys, bowls, and other small objects that might be scattered around the house. This ensures the Roomba i7 can thoroughly clean your home without disturbing your pets or belongings. Avoiding such obstacles reduces the risk of the robot becoming stuck or damaged, ensuring a seamless cleaning experience.

Also, the built-in camera facilitates low-light navigation. This means the Roomba i7 can continue cleaning effectively even in dimly lit conditions or under furniture, where pets might often leave fur or dirt. Thus, the built-in camera provides a significant advantage in ensuring a thorough cleaning, making the Roomba i7 a preferred choice for pet owners.

Difference 2: The “Keep Out Zone” Feature of the i7

The “Keep Out Zone” feature is another unique selling point of the Roomba i7. This attribute allows users to mark specific areas in the home as off-limits for the robot. It offers the ability to customize its cleaning path and prevent the device from entering areas where it may get stuck or cause a disturbance. This feature is highly beneficial for homes with cluttered areas or rooms with delicate items that the robot should avoid.

On the other hand, the Roomba i3 does not offer this feature. While it is efficient in avoiding obstacles and not falling off stairs thanks to its built-in sensors, it can’t be programmed to avoid certain areas of your home.

This means the i3 may wander into areas you’d rather it didn’t, such as pet-feeding areas or rooms with lots of cables. This lack of customization could lead to more manual intervention than the i7, making the i7 a more intelligent and autonomous solution.

Difference 3: Advanced Mapping and Navigation in i7

The Roomba i7 has two features that provide a distinct advantage in mapping and navigation: the iAdapt 3.0 Smart Technology and vSLAM, or Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping. These two technologies work together to create a detailed map of your home, which the i7 uses to navigate and clean more efficiently.

The iAdapt 3.0 Smart Technology allows the Roomba i7 to adapt to your home’s layout and keep track of its location even as it moves from room to room. It can accurately remember the location of furniture and other obstacles, ensuring it cleans thoroughly without disturbing anything in its path.

On the other hand, the vSLAM technology captures over 230,400 data points per second, allowing the i7 to create a detailed map of its surroundings. This innovative mapping feature helps in efficient navigation and enables the Roomba i7 to clean your home methodically, moving in neat rows instead of randomly bouncing around.

This combination of iAdapt 3.0 and vSLAM in the Roomba i7 significantly improves over the i3’s iAdapt 2.0 Navigation, which doesn’t have the multi-floor mapping feature. Through these advanced technologies, the Roomba i7 can provide a more targeted, efficient, and intelligent cleaning solution, undoubtedly setting it apart from the i3.

Difference 4: Specifying Specific Area for Cleaning

The Roomba i7 allows you to specify which rooms you want cleaned anytime. This is made possible by its advanced mapping capabilities, which, combined with the iRobot HOME App, allow you to select specific rooms on the virtual map of your home for the Roomba i7 to clean.

For instance, you can direct the Roomba i7 to clean the living room and kitchen in the afternoon and then tackle the bedrooms in the evening. The Roomba i3, however, lacks this feature. It uses iAdapt 2.0 Navigation, which doesn’t allow for room-specific commands. Instead, the i3 generally cleans your home, starting from its docking station and covering as much ground as its battery life allows.

The ability of the Roomba i7 to clean specific rooms on command makes it a more versatile and convenient option, especially for homes with larger floor plans or when only specific rooms need cleaning.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the Roomba i7 is a superior option due to its advanced mapping capabilities, customization features, and efficient cleaning. The built-in camera, vSLAM technology, and the “Keep Out Zone” feature provide a level of intelligence and adaptability unmatched by the i3.

However, the Roomba i3 could be the preferred choice for those prioritizing privacy over advanced features. Its lack of an in-built camera can be an advantage for homeowners sensitive about their privacy. The i3, while less sophisticated, still provides a robust cleaning performance, making it a valuable option for those who prefer a balance of functionality and privacy.

Ultimately, the decision between the two models comes down to personal preference and priorities. So, both Roomba i3 and i7 are great options for keeping your home clean and free of pet hair, dust, and debris – but the i7 offers more advanced features and technology that may make it worth the extra investment for some users.


Can I designate “Keep Out Zones” with the Roomba i3 as possible with the i7?

No, the “Keep Out Zone” feature is unique to the Roomba i7. This feature allows you to mark specific areas in your home as off-limits to the robot, preventing it from entering areas where it may get stuck or cause a disturbance. The Roomba i3 does not offer this customization feature.

Do both the Roomba i3 and i7 have built-in cameras for navigation?

No, only the Roomba i7 has a built-in camera. It assists with navigation, especially in low-light conditions or under furniture. The Roomba i3, equipped with built-in sensors to avoid obstacles and falls, does not have a camera. This could be a point of consideration for homeowners who prioritize privacy.

Is Roomba i3 better or i7?

It depends on your priorities and needs. The Roomba i7 offers more advanced features such as room-specific cleaning, customizable “Keep Out Zones,” and advanced mapping and navigation technology. However, the i3 may be better for those who prioritize privacy as it lacks a built-in camera.

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