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Artificial Intelligence 201 Midjourney Prompt Examples

201 Midjourney Prompt Examples

Do you frequently look for the best text-to-image cues to produce mind bending AI results? Midjourney has the potential to produce jaw-dropping graphics. All you require is the right prompting technique.

As Midjourney fans and users, we’ve been experimenting with different prompts for a while and created a list of best prompt examples that delivered inspiring outcomes for us. You can make some tweaks in these examples to generate more personalized results.

However, it’s worth noting to not overly copy an artist’s style by using their name; you may still accomplish comparable results by pasting in two pieces of artwork and generating something similar to their originals. We believe in supporting ethical methods. Thus, while these prompts will help you get what you want faster, they should only be used as a jumping-off point for you to create more “ethical” Midjourney prompts.

201 Mind-Blowing Midjourney Prompts You Should Try!

Table of Contents

  • Professional/Business Midjourney Prompts
  • Logo/Design/Multimedia Midjourney Prompts
  • Artistic/Creative Midjourney Prompts
  • Adventure/Fantasy Midjourney Prompts
  • Midjourney Trending Styles

Professional/Business Midjourney Prompts

1. Shakespeare Reimagined

As the curtain rises, the audience is transported to a futuristic world in which Shakespeare’s greatest characters have developed into technologically advanced beings. How will these fresh interpretations of Hamlet, Macbeth, and Juliet deal with their contemporary struggles and triumphs?


2. The World in 100 Years

Fast forward to 2121, when sophisticated technology, environmental awareness, and cultural transformations have fundamentally reshaped the world as we know it. In this view into the future, learn about creative cities, sustainable living methods, and intergalactic travel.


3. Religion Reinvented

Travel to a world where traditional faiths have grown and intermingled, resulting in a rich tapestry of beliefs and behaviors. Follow the journey of a person on a spiritual search as they discover new deities, old rites, and thought-provoking beliefs along the route.

4. True Evil

In a world where darkness has taken over many people’s hearts, a group of unexpected heroes uncovers genuine evil represented in a frightening monster. Will they have the power to resist this ultimate evil as they battle their inner demons and confront unthinkable horrors?

5. Automated Factory

A factory with pallet systems, arc welding machines, CNC automation solutions, and FPI cleaning units.

factory, having CNC automation solutions, pallet systems, arc welding machines, and FPI cleaning units --ar 16:9 --style raw

  1. 2D astronaut cartoon with no backdrop

cartoon astronaut, 2D, no background

  1. Drawing Of The Architectural Floor Layout Of A Café

sketch of a cafe’s architectural floor plan

  1. Social Media Post

A social media post for a basic and delicate jewelry company, with a distinct, simple, and stylish background with only one item of jewelry shown.

social media post for the brand of simple and delicate jewelry

  1. Growth Chart

Create a company growth chart with an ascending arrow and a neon backdrop.

business growth chart with an arrow moving upward with neon background --ar 3:2

  1. Brick-backed artwork installation with unique lighting in the hotel lobby.

hotel reception brick backwall artwork display with special lighting

  1. Blonde Woman Sipping Cappuccino Coffee and Unwinding

Sitting and sipping cappuccino coffee from a ceramic white cup female, who is blonde and has long hair. She is smiling and focusing on the camera while she relaxes and takes in the finely detailed, realistic, blind box, 8K, and soft hues. taken with a 200mm lens on a Hasselblad Nikon D850.

staying and drinking cappuccino coffee from ceramic white cup girl, relaxing ultra detailed, soft colors, soft, natural lighting, high detail, realistic, blind box, 8k, best quality photographed with Hasselblad Nikon D850, 200mm lens shot

  1. Arc Welding Sparking

Close-ups of spark-producing arc welding before switching to a slick, 16:9 raw image captured with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.

close-up shots of arc welding with sparks, transitioning into a sleek digital interface --ar 16:9 --style raw shot on Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

  1. Simple, art project with IA, hope, neighborhood, color

logo, minimal, art project with IA, building tomorrow, hope, neighborhood, color

  1. Cartoon of a middle-aged man enjoying a nutritious parfait and yogurt

middle-aged man eating a healthy parfait and yogurt. cartoon. 4k, v 4, --ar 16:9

  1. Group of Workers

A joyful group of warehouse workers wearing hard headgear and posing in the style of object portraiture specialist, and young energy with smile care.

smiling group of workers wearing a hard hats and is standing in a warehouse, in the style of object portraiture specialist, zuckerpunk, youthful energy, smilecore, meyer optik trioplan 100mm f/2.8

Logo/Design/Multimedia Midjourney Prompts

  1. Volumetric Moon Knight

On a moonlight night, a warrior emerges from the shadows wearing elegant, volumetric armor. The Moon Knight, armed with superhuman strength and ethereal abilities, must defend his kingdom against interstellar invaders. Will he be able to keep the universe at peace?


  1. Create a white backdrop for a strawberry marmalade label

  1. Ethereal Bohemian Waxwing Bird

A rare Bohemian Waxwing bird in a mysterious woodland holds the capacity to gratify the innermost desires of all it encounters. The bird encounters a forlorn soul seeking forgiveness as it flies among old forests. Can this ethereal being assist them in finding inner peace?

A bird sitting on a branch Description automatically generated


  1. Steampunk Cat

In a bustling Victorian metropolis, a cat decked up in sophisticated steampunk gears and goggles sets out on adventures in quest of technical marvels. The steampunk cat, with its sharp wit and ingenuity, solves mysteries and rebellious schemes under the hazy gaslights.


  1. Helmet Girl

In a future civilization dominated by mind-control technology, a young girl rebels against the government by donning a helmet that hides her thoughts and bestows her with remarkable abilities. She becomes a symbol of hope and leads a revolt against injustice thanks to her unexpected talents.

Nicholas Neubert, Twitter

  1. Game Island

Set foot on an island dedicated completely to interactive gaming experiences. Virtual worlds come to life here, and adventurers must face obstacles and missions to uncover secret treasures and defeat powerful enemies. Will you be crowned the ultimate winner of this gaming paradise?

A landscape with a lake and mountains Description automatically generated

Nicholas Neubert, Twitter

  1. Scarlet Peace

A scarlet-colored flower blossoms in the middle of turmoil, suggesting hope and peace in a war-torn planet. Explore themes of devotion, sacrifice, and the persistence of the human spirit as you follow the journey of unexpected partners as they try to defend this precious emblem and bring harmony to a destroyed land.

Atelier SG, Twitter

  1. Logo “S”

Bright, minimalistic letter “s” with a white backdrop logo.

colorful minimalist logo white background letter “s”

Artistic/Creative Midjourney Prompts

  1. Comical Art

A stylized image of a popular comic book character, such as Spider-Man, surfing on a massive taco while eating a hotdog and drinking a Pepsi.

spiderman prompts


  1. Colored Sanitizer Bottles

A collection of three colored sanitizer bottles, blue, green, and yellow, on a rock in the middle of a desert, darkly illuminated, with shampoos, soaps, and other items strewn around, with sun rays shining from behind

green, yellow on a rock in the middle of dessert dark illuminating, with shampoos, soaps, lying around, sun ray lighting from behind

  1. Professional Art

A black-and-white photo shows the Apple logo in the center of a vast Lego metropolis.

apple prompts


  1. Blueprint Prompts + Medieval Ink Sketches 1

Detailed with notes, a pen and paper drawing of a medieval preschool, a sleek layout, crisp lines, a plan, flawless, amazing.

Great AI Prompts

  1. Blueprint Prompts + Medieval Ink Sketches 2

Valuation arose in 17th-century colonial Mexico, spearheaded by individuals such as R. Sánchez Juárez and A. Fernández del Castillo to determine tax bases and property values. This procedure illustrated the significance of a trustworthy framework in determining wealth.

Great AI Prompts

  1. Blueprint Prompts + Medieval Ink Sketches 3

A Roman palace’s elaborate design and architectural elements are illustrated in a mind map, highlighting the palace’s majesty and grandeur. Numerous components, including marble walls, sculptures, and paintings, boldly depict these numerals. Easy navigation and investigation are facilitated by the numbers, each of which designates an important position inside the palace. Users may attach their thoughts to specific spots and fully immerse themselves in the majesty of the palace with this visually impressive portrayal.

A drawing of a building Description automatically generated

Great AI Prompts

  1. Food Prompting

A contemporary glass filled with chic blueberry ice cream, ice cubes, almonds, and mint leaves, splattering milk cream against a gradient purple backdrop, with dynamic movement and dramatic lighting, Unknown.

Great AI Prompts

  1. Genuine Portrait Photos

Blend Indian pop culture with the Y2K aesthetic! A unique picture that combines traditional Indian components with modern aesthetics might result from this synthesis. We adore it for allowing you to experience a fusion of civilizations in one picture.

Great AI Prompts

  1. Burning, Desert Woman, dreamlike portrait style in bright black & gold

Great AI Prompts

  1. Warrior Chief

An elderly warrior chief from Asia is shown in a picture with strong rim lighting, a 50mm portrait lens, blue on red, a side profile, serious eyes, and tribal panther makeup.

Great AI Prompts

  1. Distinguished General

Close-up picture of a tough, distinguished general, sixty-two years old, with a clean-shaven appearance. The image is cinematic, 4K, detailed, and captured on Kodak detailed bokeh film in a dark, melancholy setting.

Great AI Prompts

  1. Golden Gate Bridge

A whimsical photograph of a unicorn riding a hoverboard against the backdrop of San Francisco’s famed Golden Gate Bridge.

dreamy midjourney


  1. Beatles Album

A creative image of a vintage record player playing a Beatles album.

beatles vintage midjourney prompt


  1. Eiffel Tower

A digital art creation depicting a robot clutching a flower bouquet in front of the Eiffel Tower.

robot midjourney


  1. Sea of Legos

A shot shows a scarlet Ferrari driving through a sea of Legos.

midjourney ferrari


  1. Cityscape

A chaotic, punk-style cityscape inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat.

chaotic punk


  1. China Wall

A gumdrop-based impressionist photograph of a sunset above the Great Wall of China.

great wall midjourney


  1. Hatter in Wonderland

When Alice returns to Wonderland, she discovers that the Mad Hatter has taken on a new position as the fanciful land’s monarch. Alice must negotiate the complexities of this new Wonderland while the Hatter attempts to preserve the delicate balance between chaos and order.

Werbeagent, Discord

  1. Venice in a Carnival

Immerse yourself in the enchantment of Venice during its largest event, the Carnival. An exciting mystery unfolds among the vivid masks, ornate costumes, and gondolas decked with brilliant lights. Can you unearth the terrible secrets lying beneath the celebrations?

DamShelma, Prompthero

  1. Unsettling Egyptian Mummy

A cursed Egyptian mummy rises from its slumber in the depths of an old tomb. The mummy, desperate for freedom and forgiveness, goes on a terrifying journey packed with disturbing encounters and enigmatic clues. Can it liberate itself from its endless prison?

A mummy in a box Description automatically generated

Knishkabibble, Discord

  1. Desolate

A barren, John Carpenter-esque wasteland after the end of the world

Creative Indie

  1. Cat’s Closeup

A close-up of a cat’s face resembles one of Cindy Sherman’s self-portraits, but instead of showing human features, it shows the face of a cat wearing various accessories like bow ties, sunglasses, and top hats, each representing a distinct mood and feeling.

Creative Indie

  1. Science Fiction

A future metropolis in the rain with flying cars, neon lights, and people in heavy coats rushing past, as seen in a science fiction film like Blade Runner.

Creative Indie

  1. Bed of Leaves

Inspired by the paintings of Maxfield Parrish, this fanciful and enchanted woodland has sparkling mushrooms, fireflies, and a unicorn perched on a leafy bed.

Creative Indie

  1. Superhero Scenario

An action-packed superhero scenario reminiscent of Frank Frazetta paintings, with a powerful, muscular protagonist brandishing a blazing sword and projecting a flaming aura in the face of a horde of monsters and demons.

Creative Indie

  1. A Fairy Tale

A scene from a fairy tale, influenced by the paintings of Arthur Rackham, with a gathering of ancient, wise, and gnarled trees in a clearing, encircled by curious creatures such as birds, squirrels, and rabbits.

Creative Indie

  1. Abstract Landscape

An unusual arrangement of colors, forms, and lines in an imaginative cosmos including floating planets and stars is an abstract landscape reminiscent of the surrealist works of Joan Miró.

A collage of different images of different shapes and colors Description automatically generated

Creative Indie

  1. Metropolis/Tall Buildings

Inspired by the concept art of Syd Mead, this image depicts a futuristic metropolis with tall buildings, svelte robots, and bright holograms, all set against the backdrop of a sleek spaceship.

Creative Indie

  1. Flowers Life

A beautiful bouquet in a vase, encircled by tiny butterflies, bees, and other insects, in the manner of Jan van Huysum’s paintings.

still life flowers painting

Creative Indie

  1. Fantastical Art

A fanciful, whimsical being reminiscent of Jim Henson

Creative Indie

  1. Dreamlike Forest

A dreamy, enchanted woodland in the vein of Hayao Miyazaki

Creative Indie

  1. Comic Book Scene

A cartoonish, vintage comic book scenario reminiscent of MAD Magazine

Creative Indie

  1. Giant Tea Cup

An enormous tea cup in the Georgia O’Keeffe style, brimming with flowers.

Creative Indie

  1. Mountain Landscape

A secret castle surrounded by snowy mountains in the vein of Hayao Miyazaki.

A collage of a mountain landscape Description automatically generated

Creative Indie

  1. Knitting Grandma

Meet a grandmother whose knitting skills extend well beyond comfortable sweaters and scarves. She creates astonishing creatures that come to life with her magical knitting needles. Join her as she weaves her way through whimsy and wonderful stories.

An old person knitting Description automatically generated

vickwhy, Discord

  1. The Ocean at Your Door

Imagine waking up one morning and seeing a big ocean just outside your door. Dive into this surprising underwater realm to discover amazing marine animals, secret riches, and a world full of adventure. How are you going to deal with this unexpected change of events?

A bedroom with a view of the ocean Description automatically generated

Falcon, Discord

  1. A Cloud with Planes

In a cloudy sky, one cloud sticks out as it glides easily while holding little planes within its fluffy embrace. Where and why is this cloud carrying the planes? Set off on an airborne journey where the lines between the sky and the earth are blurred.

A large cloud in the sky with a building in the middle Description automatically generated with medium confidence

Azalas777, Discord

  1. The Queen of Crows

Unrest and gloom loom in a country governed by a strange queen with the capacity to turn into a legion of crows. As the queen’s abilities grow perverted and her motives become unclear, a courageous hero rises to restore balance and reveal the mysteries buried in the shadows.

ThinhDinhLCA, Twitter

  1. Underwater World

A bizarre underwater landscape reminiscent of H.R. Giger

Creative Indie

Enter an abandoned carnival where a mysterious carousel may transfer its passengers to unimaginable realms. Each trip on the carousel gives a unique encounter, blurring the barriers between reality and fantasy. What wonders await those brave enough to take a seat?

  1. Abstract Art

Now that you’ve looked at numerous interpretations of forms, colors, and lines in abstract art, consider how the lack of recognized imagery affects your emotional response to the piece.

midjourney abstract art prompt


  1. Victor Moscoso

A fascinating, entrancing design in the manner of Victor Moscoso.

midjourney pattern


  1. Frank Frazetta

An enormous historical combat scenario in the manner of Frank Frazetta.

historical midjourney


  1. Surreal Art

After looking at how dreamlike elements are juxtaposed in surreal art, evaluate how these surprising pairings challenge standard views of reality and prompt deeper thought.

midjourney prompt surreal landscape


  1. Roger Dean style

A surreal, alien environment in the Roger Dean style.

dean midjourney


  1. Jack Kirby

An action scenario exaggerated and cartoonish in the manner of Jack Kirby.

midjourney comic


  1. Landscape Photography

As you continue your trip through magnificent landscape images, pause to consider how composition and lighting choices affect the atmosphere and overall narrative of the recorded settings.

midjourney prompt landscape photography


  1. Portrait Photography

After you’ve seen the power of portrait photography in capturing human emotions and expressions, consider how the various positions, lighting approaches, and backdrops add to the narrative presented by each person.

midjourney portrait photography prompts


  1. Minimalism

Now that you’ve investigated the principle of ‘less is more’ in minimalistic artworks, consider how the purposeful simplicity and reduction of features might promote attention and elicit a sense of tranquility or isolation in the observer.

midjourney minimalism prompts


  1. Impressionism

Consider yourself in a vivid garden full of beautiful flowers and attempt to depict the transient beauty and play of light using fast brushstrokes and a limited palette.

midjourney prompts impressionism


  1. Realism

Step into a crowded market scene, examine the subtle details of the fruits and vegetables on exhibit and reproduce them as realistically as possible to reveal the spirit of daily life.

realism midjourney prompts


  1. Pop Art

Immerse yourself in the world of consumerism and popular culture by changing a well-known iconic image into colorful, bold artwork that portrays the vibrancy and energy of today.

pop art midjourney prompts


  1. Street Photography

Take to the busy city streets and capture candid images of people going about their everyday lives, concentrating on capturing real emotions as well as the hustle and bustle of urban life.

street photography midjourney prompts


  1. Night Photography

Go out at night and capture the contrast between lit buildings and mysterious darkness, experimenting with long exposures to create a gripping and hypnotic nighttime ambiance.

midjourney night photography prompts


Adventure/Fantasy Midjourney Prompts

  1. Conquering the Ocean

A young sailor embarks on an epic journey to conquer the huge ocean that has long been thought to be unconquerable. Will they triumph as they negotiate perilous waters, encounter fabled creatures, and confront their anxieties, or will the ocean prove to be an unstoppable force?

AI Dream Engine, Twitter

  1. Garden

In a garden full of enormous, vibrant insects in the manner of Pablo Picasso

Creative Indie

  1. Cityscape

A cityscape in the vein of Mike Mignola, including classic comic book characters like Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, and the X-Men.

superhero illustration

Creative Indie

  1. Anime Arts

Hot and attractive young dude riding a horse in the snow.

Creative Indie

  1. Dragon Ball Z

Dark brown and red in style, manticore, acute concentration, fairy academia, and precise skill are all features of Dragon Ball Z.

A cartoon of a person with red hair and a dragon Description automatically generated

Creative Indie

  1. Anime Comic Style

The comic book features detailed architectural paintings, vibrant urban scenes, rustic charm, digital art, fantasy, ink, and color, and a photo of a village in municipal decay.

A collage of a destroyed city Description automatically generated

Creative Indie

  1. Concept AI Artworks

The griffin, which has gold tips on its feathers and is shown fantastically, is produced in 8K using Unreal Engine 5 with 9:16 cinematic lighting.

Creative Indie

  1. Huge Mural

A huge mural in the Ursula Vernon style, with a pink elephant with a monocle and bowler hat, surrounded by flying birds and wacky clouds.

elephant illustration AI

Creative Indie

  1. Architecture Prompt (Lost City of Atlantis)

The griffin, which has gold tips on its feathers and is shown fantastically, is produced in 8K using Unreal Engine 5 with 9:16 cinematic lighting.

Creative Indie

  1. David Hockney

A David Hockney-inspired digital collage using well-known technology devices like the iPhone, MacBook, and Amazon Echo.

Creative Indie

  1. Funny Cartoon

A funny cartoon in the vein of Garth Williams that has a dog dressed up as a doctor, firefighter, and chef, among other occupations.

dog illustrations

Creative Indie

  1. Ruscha-Style

A vivid Ed Ruscha-style painting of well-known celebrities, including Beyoncé, Drake, and Cardi B, encircled by a plethora of photographers.

celebrity portraits

Creative Indie

  1. Funny Cartoon

A funny cartoon in the vein of Garth Williams that has a dog dressed up as a doctor, firefighter, and chef, among other occupations.

SydMead illustration AI

Creative Indie

  1. Vivid Ed Ruscha

A vivid Ed Ruscha-style painting of well-known celebrities, including Beyoncé, Drake, and Cardi B, encircled by a plethora of photographers.

Creative Indie

  1. Mystical Creatures

An imaginative drawing in the Kate Greenaway style depicting a garden full of beautiful flowers, mystical creatures, and talking animals.

kate greenway

Creative Indie

  1. Massive Hamburger

A space-age astronaut, like René Magritte, perched on a massive hamburger.

Creative Indie

Creative Indie

  1. A suit-clad giraffe clutching a briefcase in the manner of Tamara de Lempicka

Creative Indie

  1. A dancer in a tutu performing in the manner of Henri Matisse with a gigantic octopus

Creative Indie

  1. A feathered picture of a figure from the Baroque period.


Creative Indie

  1. Keith Haring-inspired pop art portrayal of a laptop.

Creative Indie

  1. Mechanical Elephant

A gigantic, Jules Verne-sequel golden mechanical elephant

golden elephant midjourney

Creative Indie

  1. Surreal Landscape

A magnificent, luminous moon and floating islands in a strange setting reminiscent of Hayao Miyazaki

midjourney prompts

Creative Indie

  1. Giza Pyramids

The Giza Pyramids, built in 2560 BC, have a view from the angle of the pyramids from the desert floor, with a vivid blue sky in the backdrop and camels and nomads in the front. reminiscent of the pointillist paintings of Maximilien Luce.

Creative Indie

  1. Library of Alexandria

In 300 BC, the Alexandrian Library An inside view of the main hall of the library, showing academics at work and shelves piled high with scrolls. akin to the Art Nouveau images of Ernst Haeckel.

midjourney art styles

Creative Indie

  1. Battle of Waterloo

A tumultuous and dramatic picture from the Battle of Waterloo in 1815, with horses galloping, men rushing, and smoke billowing from the battlefield. akin to the romantic landscape paintings of J.M.W. Turner.

Creative Indie

  1. Silk Road

A lively marketplace along the Silk Road, where traders and tourists bargained over exotic commodities, textiles, and spices, similar to the wild scenes painted by Henri Rousseau.

A collage of images of a street market Description automatically generated

Creative Indie

  1. Versailles Palace

The Versailles Palace, 1682 Aristocrats dressed in elegant clothing, chandeliers, and gilded moldings adorn the magnificent and sumptuous interior of the Palace of Versailles. akin to the Rococo works of Antoine Watteau.

Creative Indie

  1. 1415 Battle of Agincourt

An aerial photograph of the Battle of Agincourt, showing the English and French soldiers engaged in combat and arrows flying from the sky, similar to the Baroque war scenes painted by Peter Paul Rubens.

historical battle painting, midjourney

Creative Indie

  1. Athens’ Parthenon about 447 BC

An aerial picture of the Parthenon, with the Acropolis in the distance and a vivid blue sky framing the columns, pediments, and statues. in the manner of the Cubist still lives of Pablo Picasso.

Creative Indie

  1. Rome’s Trevi Fountain, around 19 BC

A twilight view of the Trevi Fountain, including a full moon overhead and lights lighting up the pouring water. in the vein of the Impressionist water lily paintings of Claude Monet.

Creative Indie

  1. Busy City Street

A busy city street with the recognizable red double-decker buses in the Mary Poppins style

Creative Indie

  1. The Tower of London

A dramatic and ominous perspective of the cloud-filled sky and the Tower of London, complete with towers, turrets, and battlements, just like the pictures of J.R.R. Tolkien.

midjourney historical art styles

Creative Indie

  1. Polaroid Picture

An old Polaroid picture depicts the final Egyptian pharaoh, Cleopatra VII, seated on her throne in Alexandria in 51 BC.

cleopatra photograph

Creative Indie

  1. Black & white showing Mahatma Gandhi presiding over a nonviolent demonstration (India, 1948)

gandhi photograph

Creative Indie

  1. A sepia-toned portrait of Elizabeth I, showing grinning & surveying the Spanish Armada (England, 1588)

queen elizabeth photograph midjourney

Creative Indie

  1. A monochrome photo of the Silk Road during negotiations with Mongol horsemen (Marco Polo, 1271)

marco polo photograph, midjourney

Creative Indie

  1. Dreamlike Forest

A secret fairy town nestled in a mystical, surreal woodland reminiscent of The Secret of NIM.

A collage of a fairy house in a forest Description automatically generated

Creative Indie

  1. Ship in Turmoil

A great ship is trapped in the jaws of a furious tempest on a stormy night. As the crew battles for survival, relationships are strained, secrets are disclosed, and the actual character of the people aboard is revealed. Who will survive the storm, and who will perish at sea?


  1. Color showing Marie Curie, the first female Nobel laureate, (Parisian, 1911)

Marie Curie photograph, midjourney

Creative Indie

  1. Florence Nightingale, the creator of modern nursing (1854, Sepia-Toned Portrait)

Creative Indie

  1. King Henry VIII

An image of King Henry VIII in black and white, shows him signing the Act of Supremacy to separate from the Roman Catholic Church.

Creative Indie

  1. Sepia-Toned Portrait

Abraham Lincoln in a sepia-toned portrait, giving the Gettysburg Address in 1863, during the American Civil War.

Creative Indie

  1. Attic Hideout

An image in color showing Anne Frank in her 1942 attic hideout in Amsterdam.

Creative Indie

  1. Alexander the Great

A monochrome image depicts Alexander the Great, 331 BC, advancing with his army against the Persians.

Creative Indie

  1. Robert Falcon Scott’s 1912 shot in color (near the South Pole)

Creative Indie

  1. A monochrome image of Julius Caesar, 44 BC, being killed by senators in the Roman Senate

Creative Indie

  1. Martin Luther

An image in color showing Martin Luther pinning his 95 Wittenberg Castle Church door in 1517.

Creative Indie

  1. Selfie of Cleopatra

A selfie of Cleopatra in front of the Sphinx in 20 BC, surrounded by her devoted Egyptian army and looking majestic and self-assured with a golden headdress and a white linen garment.

Creative Indie

  1. Leonardo da Vinci

An image from 1498 depicting Leonardo da Vinci’s painting The Last Supper, shows the apostles seated around the table as the great artist finishes the painting.

Creative Indie

  1. Benjamin Franklin

A group portrait of the founding fathers in 1776, with Benjamin Franklin grinning in the background and John Hancock’s large signature in the middle.

Creative Indie

  1. Monarch Henry VIII

A time-traveler’s snapshot shows monarch Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn strolling around Greenwich Palace’s grounds in 1536, with the queen sporting an exquisite gown and the monarch looking dapper.

Creative Indie

  1. Alexander the Great (330 BC)

A depiction of Alexander the Great riding a horse and leading his army—armed with flags and spears—against the Persian Empire in 330 BC.

Creative Indie

  1. Solitude

A little community is cut off from the rest of the world due to inexplicable phenomena. As the residents deal with loneliness and its many repercussions on their minds and souls, they discover hidden strengths, create unexpected relationships, and eventually redefine the concept of community.

  1. Boat on River

A lone boat travels down a supernatural river, bringing its occupant on an unexpected voyage through ever-changing landscapes, encountering magical entities, and experiencing personal struggles along the way. Investigate topics such as self-discovery, the passage of time, and the power of nature.

  1. Teenage Elvis Presley

A Polaroid picture of a teenage Elvis Presley singing in 1955 in Memphis, Tennessee; the famous blue suede shoes are on display, and the crowd is going crazy.

Creative Indie

  1. HMS Victory

Like an oil painting from the time, this image depicts an unidentified sailor on the deck of the HMS Victory during the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

Creative Indie

  1. Mongol Plains with Genghis Khan by a time-traveler

Creative Indie

  1. The Huckleberry Finn Adventures

In a vibrant and fanciful drawing, Huck and Jim are shown rafting down the Mississippi River among an abundance of wildlife and beautiful vegetation. The area is bathed in a warm, golden light as the sun sets in the distance. Jim is seen guiding the raft with a long stick as Huck sits with his fishing rod.

Creative Indie

  1. Pride and Discrimination

Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy are seen in a beautiful watercolor painting from the Regency era as having an intimate moment in a lush English garden that is full of blossoming roses and other flowers. Darcy glances down at Elizabeth with awe, and Elizabeth shoots him a sly smile. The picturesque view is enhanced by a peacock sitting on a neighboring tree.

A collage of a couple of people Description automatically generated

Creative Indie

  1. Rainforest Tribe

A tribe lives in peace with nature and its supernatural denizens deep beneath the lush jungle. When a lurking menace threatens their territory, the tribe’s young warrior must embark on a risky journey to safeguard their home and preserve the ancient mysteries buried deep inside the jungle.

  1. The Earth Element

In a world where magic is generated from the four elements, a young person learns the power of the Earth Element. Can they uncover the mysteries of their elemental strength via their path of self-discovery and an impending war against evil forces?

  1. Chameleon

Immerse yourself in the bright and ever-changing world of a chameleon, which has the amazing ability to adapt effortlessly to any surroundings. Join this shape-shifting creature as it navigates various environments, encounters unusual species, and learns important lessons about adaptability and self-identity.

  1. Giant Octopus

A digital art creation depicting a huge jelly bean octopus destroying a metropolitan skyline.

midjourney octopus


  1. Steampunk Airship

A Jules Verne-inspired steampunk airship

midjourney steampunk airship


  1. Flatlay of automobile rental logo in black and red tones

car rental branding flatlay black and red tones

  1. Small dancing robots, futuristic, 3D, gloomy, cyberpunk

 little robots dancing, futuristic, 3d, dark, cyberpunk

  1. YouTube Thumbnail

YouTube thumbnail for a channel dedicated to teaching children colors in a vibrant, 8K cartoon manner.

 a YouTube thumbnail for a kids learning colors channel, colorfull, 8k, cartoon style --ar 2048:1152

  1. Girl Preparing Cocktail

Using high-resolution videography and color-graded photos, a girl mixes a cocktail in a conventional home. The photo was taken using a 50mm lens to get an ultra-wide angle and depth of field impression. The Unreal Engine gives the game a cinematic feel. Editorial photography and photoshoots are carried out with a balanced exposure and a resolution of 32k.

  1. A Winter of Remorse

An art piece conveying the sensation of sorrow in a winter scene, with a focus on snow and frozen landscapes.

midjourney prompts winter solitude


  1. Big Bright Eyes

A close-up photo of a lovely animal with huge, bright eyes that captures its innocence and fun.

bright eyes midjourney prompt


  1. Fairy Tales

A fanciful, dreamlike image of a beautiful animal surrounded by fairy tale features like mystical animals and enchanted surroundings.

fairy tale midjourney prompts


  1. 5 having Octane Render

An artwork depicting a charming animal with a 5 aspect ratio and produced in Octane.

render midjourney prompts


  1. Frog-On-A-Unicycle

An abstract expressionist painting in the vein of Jackson Pollock featuring a frog on a unicycle.


  1. Peacock with Harp

An example of an art nouveau illustration with a harpist peacock.

A collage of images of a person playing harp Description automatically generated


  1. Gorgeous Garden

Imagine a gorgeous garden in the springtime, with butterflies and bees fluttering among the blooms. backlighting, great detail, 64K, Van Gogh style.

garden in spring, colorful flowers are in full bloom, and butterflies and bees are flying among the flowers, backlight photography, van gogh style, 64K, high detail

  1. Drone Mavic 3 DJI brings coffee, oil painting

oil painting, drone mavic 3 dji delivers a coffee

  1. Dino Consuming Screen

Despite the dinosaur consuming the computer screen, it is still legible!

dinosaur eating a computer screen, but the screen is still readable

  1. Models in Venetian Masks

Models pose in 3D rendering, sharp focus, cinematic shot, vivid explosions, gorgeous color palette, realistic chiaroscuro, and m42 mounting, dressed in Venetian masks.

models male and female at a photo shoot in Venetian masks

  1. A peacock playing the harp in an art nouveau artwork.

Creative Indie

  1. A rabbit dressed in a coat and tie, perched on a seat, and reading a newspaper as Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Creative Indie

  1. A turtle in the manner of Paul Cézanne, engaging in a game of chess with a bishop

A collage of images of people playing chess Description automatically generated

Creative Indie

  1. A hyper-realistic cloud-based picture of a cat.

Creative Indie

  1. A zebra practicing hoops in the vein of Willem de Kooning, using a ball with stripes.

Creative Indie

  1. A bear in a woodland, playing the piano in the manner of Ludwig van Beethoven

bear in woods playing piano

Creative Indie

  1. A flamingo mimicking Yayoi Kusama’s style while using a flamingo feather for ping pong.

flamingo art prompts

Creative Indie

  1. Jack Kerouac, a wolf plays the violin in a woodland

Creative Indie

  1. Playing video games as a hero in dazzling armor in the manner of David Hockney

Creative Indie

  1. Salvador Dali

A fantastical underwater landscape reminiscent of Salvador Dali’s work, in which marine life is various electronic devices such as laptops, iPhones, and smartwatches floating amidst the coral and algae.

midjourney prompt 3D graphics

Creative Indie

  1. Vein Of Max Ernst

A surreal beach in the vein of Max Ernst, where everyone is a superhero or villain from the DC and Marvel comics, enjoying themselves and building cheese sandcastles.

midjourney superhero

Creative Indie

  1. Christopher Columbus

This image depicts Christopher Columbus finding America in 1492. The adventurer is seen standing on his ship’s deck, staring in amazement and wonder at the new planet.

Creative Indie

  1. Apollo 11 Astronauts

A group shot of the Apollo 11 astronauts taken in 1969 on the moon, showing Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong raising the American flag and documenting the first landing of humans on a foreign planet.

Creative Indie

  1. Space Station Reminiscent

A space station reminiscent of 2001, directed by Stanley Kubrick: A Space Odyssey in which every spacecraft and piece of equipment is constructed from a variety of well-known candy bars, such as Milky Way, Snickers, and Three Musketeers, and every astronaut is costumed as a member of the Star Trek cast.

midjourney space candy

Creative Indie

  1. Battle-Worn Samurai 1

Samurai stares at the enemy, standing after the battle, dread, and terror on his face, fatigued and bruised, sand on his face mixed with perspiration, a dark and terrifying environment, hyper-realistic shot. To get a hyper-realistic impression, improve the details, sharpness, and contrast in post-production.

Great AI Prompts

  1. Battle-Worn Samurai 2

A warrior stands in the Japanese dusk, gazing into the horizon. It is dynamic, highly detailed, full of hidden details, stylish, has a high dynamic range, is hyperrealistic, dramatic in light, and has realistic attention to detail. It is in 8k and UHD.

Great AI Prompts

  1. Battle-Worn Samurai 3

Extremely intricate, multifaceted characteristics, symmetrical, digital 3D, hard surface, instantaneous, visual effects, popular on Artstation, ultra-high definition, high dynamic range, realistic, intense detail, octane render, 8k

A person in armor with a sword Description automatically generated

Great AI Prompts

  1. 1912 Titanic Disaster

A moment from the 1912 Titanic disaster, shows the passengers and staff frantically attempting to escape the icy seas as the magnificent ship splits in two.

Creative Indie

  1. Palace of Versailles, 1774

A portrait of Marie Antoinette strolling around the Palace of Versailles in 1774. The French monarch, clad in a stunning gown and a powdered wig, is accompanied by her courtiers.

Creative Indie

  1. Animals of the Amazon

Rare Connections

  1. National Flag Stickers

Rare Connections

  1. Ultra Realistic Foods| Close-up shot | Mouth-Watering | Indulgent & Gourmet

Rare Connections

  1. Macro Lens | Upscale & Alluring | Desert serving of Pavlova

Rare Connections

  1. Tattoos | Ultra Real, Photo Realistic & close-up| Centered

Rare Connections

  1. Cartoon Animals

In the vein of cartoon realism, Disney animation, hyper-realistic portraiture, 32k UHD, adorable cartoonish patterns, wallpaper, and superb brushwork, here is a cheerful, excited dog.

Rare Connections

  1. Professional Product Photography

Expertly taken close-up, centering picture, Sony A7 105mm, eye level, warm cinematic image of a premium scotch whiskey on a table.

Rare Connections

  1. Realistic Human Portraits | Candid Portrait | Young Man | New York Street

Rare Connections

  1. Logos and Brand Mascots

A future manufacturing company’s worker mascot features a flat design, a sky blue theme, basic line art, classic vector graphics, and a creamy beige backdrop.

Rare Connections

  1. Wright Brothers’ 1903

A photo of the Wright Brothers’ historic 1903 flight, in which the pioneers of aviation were shown operating the glider’s wings while lying on their stomachs and experiencing the freedom of flight.

Creative Indie

  1. Tribal Voodoo Accessories Sale

Knolling: a contemporary interpretation of a straightforward, transparent, flat background with sparse design, vector, and accessories for a stunning teenage girl from an African tribal voodoo shaman.

Great AI Prompts

  1. Frightening Graveyard

A frightening graveyard in the vein of Edward Gorey, with ghosts costumed like characters from The Addams Family and tombstones and monuments fashioned entirely of various famous cookies, such Oreos, Chips Ahoy, and Nutter Butters.

Great AI Prompts

  1. Whimsical Castle

A whimsical castle in the vein of John William Waterhouse, with knights and princesses clothed in Disney film personas and walls and towers composed of various breakfast cereals, including Cocoa Puffs, Froot Loops, and Lucky Charms.

midjourney castle

Great AI Prompts

  1. Rome’s Colosseum

Rome’s Colosseum, around 80 AD An aerial picture of the ancient Colosseum, crowded with thousands of people supporting the gladiators and untamed animals within the arena. in the vein of the 19th-century watercolor works of David Roberts.

midjourney colosseum

Great AI Prompts

  1. The Call of the Wild

The Call of the Wild is an oil painting depicting Buck, a St. Bernard-Scotch Collie mix, in a snowy wilderness, surrounded by mountains and ice floes, awed by the vivid blue sky.

Great AI Prompts

  1. The Catcher in the Rye

The photograph depicts Holden Caulfield, a dissatisfied protagonist in a moody, introspective novel from J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye.

Great AI Prompts

  1. One Hundred Years of Solitude

The surreal oil painting depicts the magical realism of Macondo, resembling Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s novel, featuring dream-like images and a captivating atmosphere.

Great AI Prompts

  1. The War of the Worlds

A science fiction-style alien invasion, featuring dramatic lighting, robots, potholes, deserted streets, and gloomy lighting, with human survivors hiding under rubble.

Great AI Prompts

  1. Stephen King’s Shinning

A dark oil painting, depicts Jack Torrance losing his mind in Stephen King’s “The Shining,” surrounded by ghostly visions and a sense of madness.

Great AI Prompts

  1. The Hitchhiker’s Guide

Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” features Arthur Dent being lifted by air currents, surrounded by strange aliens and planets.

Great AI Prompts

  1. Arthur Conan Doyle’s “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes”

Great AI Prompts

  1. Style of The Terminator

In 2065, humanity faces a brutal conflict with an alien race, characterized by advanced weapons and advanced technology, set against a futuristic city backdrop.

Great AI Prompts

  1. Style of Star Trek

In 2110, a peaceful and prosperous federation of planets was formed, as depicted in a grand council meeting with delegates from various worlds.

Great AI Prompts

  1. Style of Ender’s Game

In 2120, the battle against the Buggers, an alien race, culminates in a massive space battle with ships locked in combat.

Great AI Prompts

  1. Style of District 9

In 2140, alien refugees arrive on Earth, seeking asylum in a crowded refugee camp, living alongside humans in a scene reminiscent of District 9.

Great AI Prompts

  1. Style of The Terminator

In 2043, robots and cyborgs face brutal war, with a single figure in a metal exosuit towering over chaos, wielding a massive plasma cannon.

Great AI Prompts

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