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Author & Book Marketing 11 Best Writer Portfolio Websites For Inspiration

11 Best Writer Portfolio Websites For Inspiration

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Writing has immense power in the digital realm; therefore, authors must maintain a fascinating online presence. Making solid writer portfolio websites showcases your skills to potential employers and clients and leaves a lasting impression.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 11 writer portfolio websites to assist you on your journey. From simply accessible work samples to innovative infinite scrolling designs, each platform demonstrates the ability to convey textual information on digital platforms.

Check out these writer’s portfolio website examples to learn about valuable features such as one-page layouts, bespoke designs, and minimalist aesthetics.

Top 11 Writer Portfolio Website Examples to Consider

Setting out on a mission to establish your literary identity online? View these top 11 writer portfolio websites, which serve as excellent models for developing an interesting online portfolio. These examples will give you fresh ideas to showcase your authority as an author and also help you avoid portfolio red flags.

1. N. K. Jemisin

One of the most-writer portfolio websites that shows the impact that a few words and details may have been that of N. K. Jemisin. Visitors are greeted with her name on the site, which is typeset in a font that resembles that of her most recent book, The City We Became (a wonderful touch!). Above that is a testimonial that explains her status as a well-known and well-liked sci-fi and fantasy writer to publishers, movie scouts, and new readers alike.

Key Features to Consider:

  • Design minimalism and sleek navigation
  • Marked CTAs throughout the website
  • The tone of the blog is informal and personal, and it is updated often.

2. Elna Cain

Elna Cain has one of the daring writer portfolio websites, in part because she states quite clearly that she is the freelance writer your company or project requires. She firmly describes the problems clients have and how her expertise can solve them in her introduction, which is accompanied by a row of prestigious publications to further persuade you. The page concludes with compliments from a client.

Key Features to Consider:

  • Clearly Stated Problem-Solving Overview
  • Credibility via Reputable Press Releases
  • Entire Portfolio with Contact Details

3. Emily Thompson

Emily Thompson’s writing portfolio exemplifies professionalism and elegance in writing. Her Squarespace writer portfolio website is designed to be navigated like a smooth trip, with each piece thoughtfully positioned to direct users to the right material. Potential customers are certain to be enthralled with Emily’s work by the homepage’s feeling of clarity.

Key Features to Consider:

  • Emily’s portfolio expertly incorporates a simple, minimalist style.
  • Calls to action and buttons positioned with purpose
  • The seamless navigation of the homepage tells a story.

4. Mimochai

Looking for more Writer portfolio website examples? Mimochai is an independent art and storytelling firm that makes children’s books with mindfulness woven throughout. Mimochai showcases its artistic creations on its Shopify-made website, which also conveniently directs us to their shop. The calming website artwork is designed to resemble Mimochai’s book covers and merchandising, virtually taking visitors on an excursion straight out of one of her novels. It may be worth putting beautiful graphics from your book or writing profession onto the website design.

A screenshot of a website Description automatically generated

Key Features to Consider:

  • Strikes a decent mix of design and usefulness.
  • The website shows how much its email services have improved.
  • 3D images transport us back to our childhood and make us nostalgic for pop-up books.

5. Neon Yang

Consider Yang’s work as one of the writer’s portfolio website examples! Why so? Bright green accents and strong writing instantly draw visitors’ attention to Neon Yang’s website. However, it seems uncluttered by achieving a harmonious blend of text and graphics. It includes the most pertinent details, such as who Neon Yang is, the prizes for which they have received nominations, and some positive press coverage.

A screenshot of a book Description automatically generatedKey Features to Consider:

  • As people browse, accent colors and animations keep them interested.
  • Yang’s novels and stand-alone literature are in clear terms so that readers may peruse or locate a particular piece they’re seeking.
  • Provides several methods for contacting the writer

6. Rick Riordan

Like many of his characters, you go on a mini adventure when you visit Rick Riordan’s website. The website sets one of the best writing portfolio examples. To find out more about the several series and books Riordan has authored, start at the homepage’s “Explore” CTA and scroll down. The yellow-dotted line will become solid and change color as you scroll. It’s a distinctive take on the standard reading lists that are seen on the majority of author websites.

A screenshot of a book Description automatically generated

Key Features to Consider:

  • Interactive order of reading
  • His website has a lot of drawings and photographs, giving it a “bookish” atmosphere.
  • Reading lists, YouTube videos, audio files, and other resources are included on book pages.

7. Roxane Gay

The primary goal of Roxane Gay’s website is to display her artwork. Her most recent book, The Selected Works of Audre Lorde, is advertised above the fold on the homepage. Here is a longer list of her most recent works followed by a call to action for readers to check out all of her writing. She doesn’t have a bio page link in her About section till after. You’ll notice that the navigation menu displays this order as well: “Books” is displayed first, and “About” is featured last.

A newspaper and a newspaper Description automatically generated

Key Features to Consider:

  • Expert usage of accent color and white space
  • The pictures are interesting and educational.
  • One of the optimistic writer portfolio website examples

8. Seanan McGuire

Seanan McGuire’s website provides a fascinating glimpse into the mystical realms of her urban fantasy tales. With its fascinating header picture and genre-appropriate color palette, the website seamlessly takes visitors to her most recent ethereal albums. The navigation column on the left allows you quick access to crucial information. This literary journey enables readers to discover the wonders hidden underneath McGuire’s fictitious realms, beginning right outside their front door.

Key Features to Consider:

  • Immersive Visuals
  • User-Friendly Navigation
  • Genre Reflection

9. Kayla Hollatz

The best word to characterize Kayla Hollatz’s writer website is “inviting.” You’re drawn in by her eye-catching, strong opening phrases and want to explore her stylish internet portfolio more. And without having to browse very far, Kayla’s succinct and impactful introduction shows up, positioned just beneath an invitation to complete her brand-style survey.

A screen shot of a computer Description automatically generated

Key Features to Consider:

  • Inviting Design
  • Strategic Introduction
  • Emphasis on Expertise

10. Sarah Turner

The writer Sarah Turner’s website is one of those elegant, well-designed websites that makes the rest of us shudder. It’s the kind of website that appears to need web design help, so for many of us—especially those of us who are just starting as independent contractors—it represents an ideal. Actually, WordPress and Themely were used in the creation of Sarah’s website. But there are other factors as well that contribute to Sarah’s Writing portfolio examples’ excellence.

Sarah Turner | Write Your Way To Freedom

Key Features to Consider:

  • A clear call to action
  • Interface displays her writing specialty
  • No design agency is necessary

11. Millie Lapidario

Introducing Millie Lapidario, a successful freelance writer whose website epitomizes a top-notch online portfolio. Going around her online area is like setting off on a literary adventure. Millie has an amazing ability to narrate stories, as seen on her website. Important characteristics include a strong portfolio page that displays the range and depth of her writing experience, a well-defined specialty that guarantees she draws the correct clients, and an attention-grabbing message structure.

Copywriting Portfolios & Websites: 38 Inspiring Examples

Key Features to Consider:

  • Strong Portfolio Page
  • Well-Defined Niche
  • Captivating Messaging


The journey does not end here; it simply begins by exploring numerous alternatives, such as large lettering, black-and-white graphics, and engaging animation navigation across multiple platforms. When creating your area on platforms like the ones stated above, bear in mind that advanced components like interactive grids with hover effects, split-screen designs, and white space may all be used.

Are you ready to share your writing prowess and looking for a design partner? Contact us today to discuss your requirements regarding your author portfolio website. 

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