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7 Best Beginner Photography Classes

Photography Classes

Are you interested in photography but don’t know where to start? Not to worry – the possibilities today are endless for beginner photography classes! Essential to any photographer’s growth, these classes equip budding photographers with the fundamental skills and confidence needed to thrive in the industry. With that said, here are seven of the best beginner photography classes designed to help you take crucial steps toward becoming a great photographer.

Top 7 Online Photography Courses for Beginners

1. CorelDraw Photography Training

CorelDraw Photography Training can help photographers learn techniques for creating and editing digital images using the powerful CorelDRAW software. Classes typically cover topics such as image editing, color correction, image retouching, vector drawing, photo montage, creative effects, and photo manipulation. Participants also learn how to use the software to create vector graphic designs, logos, and print-ready artwork. By the end of the CorelDraw course, students should be able to enhance their digital photos, create detailed design pieces, and manipulate images.

Why Choose CorelDraw?

  • Flexible and Accessible: CorelDraw is easy to use, and its user-friendly interface allows users of any skill level to adjust and customize their designs easily.  
  • Professional-Grade Design Tools: CorelDraw offers high-end imaging tools, allowing you to make high-quality, professional designs.  
  • Wide Variety of Creative Tools: CorelDraw offers limitless creative tools, such as text, vector, bitmap, and stylus tools, allowing you to create stunning photo-realistic designs quickly.  
  • Comprehensive Photography Support: CorelDraw lets you edit, manipulate, and enhance photos with its powerful photo-editing features swiftly.

Simply, spend 30 minutes working one-on-one with an expert photographer to develop your photographic abilities!

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2. Coursera Beginners Online Photography Courses

Its specialization track of five separate courses for online photography is intended for beginners. If you don’t want to pay for the Coursera certification, you may read and review the course materials for free.

Why Choose Coursera?

  • Learn from Expert Photographers: By taking photography training classes, gain an opportunity to learn from expert photographers. Get Comfortable with Your Camera: Coursera photography classes can help you understand how to use your camera and make the most of its features. 
  • Learn Best Practices of Digital Photography: Understanding digital photography best practices and the fundamentals of digital photography can take your photography skills to the next level. 
  • Discover and Explore Modern Photography: These photography classes can help you explore and discover various types of photography you may otherwise not know about. This can open new perspectives and creative opportunities.

Don’t wait – start your journey to becoming a better photographer today!

3. Udemy Online Photography Training

The beginner photography course on Udemy is designed to teach you the basics of digital photography, starting with the fundamentals of composition and lighting. You’ll also practice your new skills with fun and creative assignments. After completing this course, you will have the skills to take stunning photos and further your knowledge of photography.

Why Choose Udemy?

  • Learn new skills: Through interactive lessons and tutorials, photography learners may practice new techniques and approaches to getting the most out of their photos.  
  • Professional instruction: Students can benefit from their knowledge, tips, and tricks on how to take better photos.  
  • Affordable: Students are only charged for the classes that attract them, so they can choose from the list of course options and stay within a budget.  

Are you ready to take your photography to the next level? Start transforming your photos into stunning pieces of art!

4. Skillshare Photography Training

Skillshare offers several photography classes for all skill and experience levels. Photography Classes range from learning the basics of photography and composition to more advanced concepts and techniques, like capturing artful portraits and learning lighting.

Why Choose Skillshare?

    • Quality Instructors: Find experienced instructors who are world-renowned professional photographers and talented amateurs.  
  • Flexible Time Commitment: Ability to learn at one’s own pace, with classes lasting anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours, and the freedom to complete courses whenever is most convenient.  
  • Cost Effectiveness: Taking advantage of often discounted and budget-friendly prices since many classes are offered free of charge, and the ability to cancel at any time.

Ready to take your photography to the next level? Sign up today!

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5. KelbyOne Photography Classes

KelbyOne offers membership options that give users immediate access to hundreds of photography classes. The courses range from the basics of different lenses to compositing photographs in post-production. With the variety of classes, there’s something for everyone, from casual to professional photographers.

Why Choose KelbyOne?

  1. Access to Professionals: By taking this training, students gain access to professional photography instructors that can provide expert advice and techniques for taking photos.  
  2. Interactive Learning Environment: It offers an interactive learning environment that allows students to ask questions and communicate with other photography enthusiasts.  
  3. Variety of Lessons: This online photography training offers a variety of photography lessons, like composition, lighting, portraits, retouching, and post-production editing.  

Become a master of your camera and sign up today!

6. Lynda Photography Training

With video and text-based courses and tutorials, you can learn about all aspects of photography and how to improve your skills, from the basics to advanced techniques. Topics include composition, lighting, posing techniques, digital editing, post-production, Photoshop, Lightroom, and more.

Why Choose Lynda?

  1. Learn from experienced professionals: These classes are taught by experienced professionals, so you can gain insight and guidance from experts with years of experience in successfully capturing beautiful images.  
  2. Learn from different courses: This offers a wide range of courses covering topics such as photo composition, lighting techniques, camera settings for different types of photography, and post-processing.  
  3. Improve skills with practical assignments: Training provides practical assignments while helping your skills and enhancing your understanding of the material.  
  4. Knowledge of industry-standard tools: Through a variety of beginners online photography courses, you can become acquainted with industry-standard tools like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom and gain a deeper understanding of their capabilities.

Sign up now and start taking amazing photos!

7. CreativeLive Digital Photography Training

The courses in digital photography are intended to aid photographers of all levels in honing their craft. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced professional, CreativeLive can help you improve your abilities and produce better outcomes.

Why Choose CreativeLive?

  1. Learn from experienced professionals: These photography training classes are taught by experienced professionals, ensuring that learners receive quality instruction from the best in the industry.  
  2. Lifetime access: Once you purchase any of CreativeLive photography classes you will have lifetime access. This revisits any material you find helpful or as an ongoing reference.  
  3. Engaging and interactive format: The format is designed to be engaging and interactive, making learning easy and fun.  
  4. Affordable pricing: These photography classes are offered at prices that are competitive and accessible, making even the most complex topics accessible to everyone.

Turbo-charge your photography skills and get ready to capture stunning visuals with these Photography Training classes!

Final Words

If you want to expand your photography skills and take your photos to the next level, taking beginner photography classes is a great way to get started. With the seven Photography pieces of training discussed in this blog, you now have the tools to begin your journey into the real world of photography. 

Whether you’re considering an online or classroom option, all these classes will provide you with a solid foundation in beginner photography, along with valuable information on composition, lighting, and digital image processing. 

Leap – enroll in a beginner photography class, and soon you’ll be creating beautiful photographs that will make you proud!

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