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Graphic Design Guide 9 Best Framer Templates For Websites To Try In 2024

9 Best Framer Templates For Websites To Try In 2024

9 Best Framer Templates

Framer is a popular prototype tool for developers and designers who want to create dynamic and interactive user interfaces. Its vast array of materials, images, and visuals bring ideas to life.

The first step in building any online portfolio, SaaS website, blog platform, or product landing page is selecting the right web development platform. Even though several techniques help in constructing a website, ranging from intricate coding to basic templates, sorting through the assorted options can be difficult. We’ve explored the depths of the Framer website for diverse templates across use cases, so we’ve done the legwork for you. You may use this article as a guide to choose the best Framer templates for your needs. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of Framer Templates.

What is the Purpose of Website Templates?

Website template designs help businesses create their website and get it live quickly. Web experts or Web Designers frequently design website templates to have the job done swiftly. These templates feature high-quality design components and layouts that match the demands of the different businesses.

Furthermore, website templates are pre-designed layouts that allow you (beginners) to effortlessly develop a well-designed website by arranging material onto a web page. Drag and drop items such as image blocks, picture galleries, logos, and more into the template to customize it. A website template requires no coding skills to develop a high-quality design tailored to your brand’s demands.

Why are Framer Templates so Great?

Framer templates provide ready-to-use layouts and designs, which reduces design time and allows for more efficient website construction. Instead of beginning from scratch, designers may concentrate on modifications and interactions.

1. Eye-Catching Visuals

Framer has a range of visually appealing and high-quality responsive website designs. These themes have beautiful designs that attract consumers and create an impact. Framer templates captivate consumers’ attention and leave an impression by providing a diverse choice of visually appealing and high-quality responsive website designs.

2. Time-Saving Method

Framer templates dramatically minimize the design time necessary to develop a website by providing ready-to-use layouts and designs. Designers no longer need to start from nothing, allowing them to leap well into the customization and interaction phase. This time-saving approach is valuable in today’s fast-paced industry, where meeting tight deadlines and producing high-quality websites requires efficiency.

3. Adaptability

Framer templates offer considerable image, content, and style flexibility, allowing designers to construct one-of-a-kind websites that represent their vision and company identity. Designers may quickly customize these templates to suit their demands, pursuing a unique and distinct online presence.

4. Zero-Code Strategy

Framer templates use AI and zero-code technology to eliminate the need for sophisticated coding. Designers may use Framer to alter items directly on the canvas without considerable coding knowledge or experience. This shortened method enables designers to focus on developing visually appealing websites and seamlessly bringing their creative ideas to life.

Ultimately, framer templates are a game changer for designers and developers in today’s fast-paced world, delivering a time-saving solution with ready-to-use layouts and designs. Designers may tweak templates to build unique websites that represent their vision and brand identity with high customizability.

Top 9 Framer Website Templates you should Try!

1. Prism — Startup Template

Are you a marketing firm or a startup seeking a marvelous way to create a functioning website? PRISM is a comprehensive operating template created for marketing firms and startups.

Prism — Startup Template | Framer Template


PRISM has a homepage with numerous CTAs, a price page with testimonials, a comprehensive blog, information about the services offered, prices, clients, and a new Framer search option.

Why Should You Use a Prism Startup Template?

  • The template has a blog with its search tool and top and related entries.
  • Optional account signup via a Mailchimp form aids in the expansion of your audience.
  • The SEO-friendly design might assist you in generating inbound leads and expanding your reach.

2. HAVEN — Travel Agent Website

Are you seeking a method to introduce tourists to the world’s wonders? Introducing HAVEN, the enthralling framer website template, precisely built to appeal to travel agents and agencies looking to captivate their audience with tempting places.

HAVEN — Travel Agent Website | Framer Template


Furthermore, HAVEN enriches the FRAMER website template through expertly created images and compelling information. With the HAVEN designs, you may immerse your audience in the charm of exciting places.

Why Should You Use a Travel Agent Website Template?

  • Speed Scroll Effects let you set the scrolling speed of a layer, allowing you to create parallax effects.
  • Animate any layer when you scroll past it (as it enters the viewport) using the Appear Scroll Effects.
  • Text Styles provide reusable visual features for your text, such as font, size, color, etc. They let you centrally regulate how the content on your website appears on different pages.
  • Content Management System (CMS) allows you to add, update, and publish content for your blog, job listings, and marketing sites.

3. Squareex — Easy to Customize Solutions

Do you want to reach more people, increase sales, and raise brand recognition? Discover Squareex! Squareex is an easy-to-customize framer template that enchants and engages users with its engaging graphics and clean layout, making it ideal for exhibiting creative portfolios and captivating audiences.

Squareex — Minimal SaaS Template | Framer Template


The Squareex template has four pages: the home page, the features page, the price page, and the FAQ page. The template is ideal for SaaS companies or people who want to display their work professionally.

Why Should You Use this Template?

  • The integrated text and scroll stylers allow you to match your website’s look within minutes.
  • Visitors scroll down the website with added interaction, resulting in a more engaging user experience.

4. Chroma — Data Analysis Framer

Are you seeking a sleek, contemporary, and powerful website development tool? Learn about Chroma, an influential design and prototyping tool suited for SaaS (& CMS) firms seeking to develop a compelling user experience.

Chroma — Versatile SaaS Template | Framer Template


Furthermore, the adaptable Chroma template provides several features and tools to assist you in customizing pages with the appropriate appearance and functionality. Its eye-catching typeface and color palette allow you to stand out online and engage more of the individuals you want to target.

Why Should You Use this Template?

  • Drag-and-drop plugins provide you with various forms and media for numerous applications.
  • With a professional-looking site personalized to your brand, Chroma’s visually beautiful design helps you stand out online.

5. Radiant — E-Commerce Store Template

Looking for the perfect template that combines items and content? Why not go with Radiant? It’s another free Framer design perfect for businesses building an e-commerce store. The sophisticated CMS allows you to easily manage your items and content, keeping your online store up to date and providing a smooth shopping experience.

Radiant — Minimal Ecommerce Framer Template | Framer Template


Moreover, radiant is a sleek, contemporary, and smart platform that allows you to add and delete goods and publish blog material to provide a rich user experience and boost SEO efforts.

Why Should You Use this Template?

  • Radiant’s extensive capabilities and free price tag make it difficult to match for developing an online shop.
  • The adjustable design allows you to align your website’s appearance with your brand; select from pre-designed tools or construct your design using Framer’s tools.
  • The template is entirely responsive, resulting in a superb user experience on any device.

6. Tokyo — Modern SaaS Solutions

Do you want to fuel your company with optional Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) solutions? The customizable Tokyo template is now available, with assorted options to personalize your site to your exact use case. To design the appearance and feel you desire for your brand, use the supplied color palette, type styles, and Google fonts.

Tokyo — Modern SaaS template | Framer Template


Your website will look amazing and drive more engagements regardless of where your clients access your content.

Why Should You Use this Template?

  • The predefined color palette, type styles, and Google fonts make it adaptable to your website’s tastes.
  • You can easily connect to your favorite programs using Tokyo’s plugin functionality.
  • A visually attractive, easy-to-navigate design offers a competitive advantage.

7. Carbon — Proficient Landing Page Template

Do you want to construct your next concept and launch your ideal website? Select Carbon! The template is costly because it includes unique features to set businesses and digital goods apart.

Carbon — Landing Page Template | Framer Template


Small businesses and major corporations may rapidly establish a modern, personalized website that attracts visitors and converts them into customers.

Why Should You Use this Template?

  • You can easily add, update, and publish material in minutes using the CMS tools provided.
  • Use scroll effects and animations to provide visual appeal.
  • The template is responsive, ensuring an excellent user experience on any device.

8. GEO — An App Launcher Template

Want to appear for a minimalistic style that maintains your app appearing clean and easy to use? The affordable Geo template features a clean, fundamental style ideal for creating an app or a side project.

GEO framer template

Source: Geo Template Framer

Its responsive design increases your target audience’s attention and persuades them to take the next step, whether a download or a buy.

Why Should You Use this Template?

  • Geo contains code components for adding basic HTML and creating interactive React components.
  • The template is ideal for specialized use cases.
  • Basic CMS capabilities allow for simple modifications to your site’s content.

9. V5 — A Metaverse Framer

Do you want to create a wizard who travels around the metaverse? V5 design and drawings tell tales! The free V5 template is ideal for anybody wishing to construct an online portfolio since it is minimal, clean, and stylish.

Framer — The internet is your canvas


With the no-code CMS, you can easily design and manage your portfolio while maintaining complete control over your pages and blog entries. You’ll have no problem tweaking the template with your colors, fonts, and branding.

Why Should You Use this Template?

  • You can produce blog articles and other material without any coding skills. Simply, utilize a robust CMS to have total control over your site’s content.
  • The clean, basic style focuses on your work without distracting consumers with extraneous design features.


Find the ideal Framer template for your requirements! Whatever Framer template you pick, each one provides several chances for designers and developers to express their creativity while also streamlining their process. Framer delivers a broad collection of templates that appeal to diverse design demands and use cases, from slick e-commerce interfaces to compelling mobile app designs.

To discover more about Framer’s templates and services, visit Framer and sign up for a free account. Or you can also outsource our digital design services to create a custom template for your website.

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