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Development Tools How To Choose the Best Cloud Server Hosting Provider for Your Business

How To Choose the Best Cloud Server Hosting Provider for Your Business

How to choose the best cloud server hosting provider

Choosing the best and right cloud server hosting provider for your website, startup or any other business is quite a crucial decision as it directly impacts the performance, scalability and security of your overall business model. If I say that your overall success depends upon it, there would not be an exaggeration.

Here is one precise example which is based on my personal experience of why cloud server hosting is crucial and why you must take it seriously. Earlier in my career, I started a website without a reliable cloud server hosting provider. The performance of the website suffered when the traffic was high which resulted in the sluggish loading times and even to the occasional crushes.

Not only this but also maintenance of the server as well as handling updates and security patches was like a heavy task which used to drain most of my energy and time. The situation was really pathetic and then I realized that it was a bad decision to go without a reliable cloud server hosting provider. Once I started getting services from a provider, things got well and they are still going in a perfect manner.

As there is a plethora of cloud server hosting providers, nothing is new if you are confused which one to choose for you. Don’t worry, all the basic information that you need in this regard is mentioned in this short blog.

Factors To Be Looked Upon In The First Step

Before choosing the best cloud server hosting for your business, it is important to figure out the factors which you must be aware of, so that you can select the dedicated server hosting correctly.

1. Assess Your Business Requirements First

Before pondering which cloud server hosting provider is the best for your business model, it is important to assess the requirements you may need later on. So you are suggested to search factors i.e. if it provides domain deals, what is the size of your website, how much traffic do you expect on it, what is your storage need and any other requirement which you find appropriate according to the nature of your website.

This step would help you significantly to shortlist the dedicated server hosting and you can then pick one with confidence.

2. Security Measures

Keep this factor in your mind that the security of your website is your first priority. So it is a must to check that the cloud server hosting provider is implementing strong security measures or not.

To make it more understandable for you, malware scanning, SSL certificates, DDoS protection, firewalls, Regular backups and cloud disaster recovery are some security measures which you must check before finalizing one.

3. Performance And Reliability Of The Provider

Evaluating the reliability and performance might take your additional time but trust me it is better than knocking your head later. Checking the performance and reliability of the cloud server hosting provider in this age of internet is not at all a big deal. For this purpose, you can check their Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and also their uptime guarantees. Reading reviews and feedback from other clients is also a very common way to evaluate the performance and reliability of any provider.

4. Flexibility and Scalability

Beware! Your website may need changing or upgradability over time and at any time. So choosing the provider that offers you this facility is a good decision which would also prevent the inconvenience later.

In this regard, you are highly suggested to pick a provider which allows you to upgrade or downgrade (in case if needed) your resources. It is quite an important thing to have the flexibility in order to accommodate the growth of your website as well as its traffic fluctuations.

5. Data Center Location of The Service Provider

This factor is most of the time overlooked but it also affects your business to a significant level.

Try to choose the cloud server hosting provider which data centers are located strategically. More precisely, try to pick one near your target audience.

This factor would help you greatly by reducing the latency. Not only this but also it would ensure a better and enhanced performance for your users.

6. Customer Service

Facing different technical issues is quite a normal thing in businesses and website models but to respond to the clients is the key which may soothe the situation. An active, informative and responsive team is important in such situations about your cloud interface.

So it would be great for you if you check the availability of a customer support team or system for this specific unfortunate time.

7. Friendly User Interface

It is convenient to manage the cloud hosting environment with an intuitive control panel even in the absence of advanced technical knowledge. So picking a provider with a user-friendly interface which can manage your domain settings, website, email accounts and other features is a wise decision and is highly suggested by the experts.

8. Pricing and Costing

Before having the best cloud server hosting for your business, you are also suggested to compare the pricing model of different providers in order to make sure you understand the price structure.

There are some cloud server hosting providers which offer fixed plans according to your need while some also charge based on the usage. So figure this out before finalizing one.

Must keep an eye out if there are any hidden charges, otherwise it would be a great shock to your pocket later.

9. Ask For Recommendations

It is not so much different from the previous point (feedback and reviews) but it takes the involvements of serious clients that have been tested the services of a specific provider earlier.

10. Continuous Monitoring Of Performance and Analytics

Monitoring the performance and analytics is the key to success in any business model. So it is also important to look for a cloud server hosting provider that offers you consistent monitoring of the performance and analytics of your business.

11. Trial Period And Promotions

Almost all the cloud server hosting providers offer free trials for the satisfactions of their client. Consider this a golden opportunity to test all of their services and overall performance. Moreover, if the free trial period is not offered by any specific provider, then money-back guarantee is provided by them. It is also equivalent to the trial period. So must try their services before having the regular paid services by any provider.

12. “How to exit” Strategy

You are suggested to consider how easy and convenient it is for you to switch to another service provider in case you need it to. Lock-in situations must be avoided as it would be deadly for your business’s permanent growth.

13. Terms And Conditions

In the end, reviewing the terms and conditions provided by the provider is also quite crucial to avoid any inconvenience in the future. Make it sure that the provider aligns with your business practices and requirements before committing to a long term contract.

If you follow these instructions carefully, there are bright chances that you would select a dedicated server hosting provided and you would achieve all of your short term and long term goals.

Top Cloud Server Hosting Providers

Given the conditions above, here are some recommendations based on my personal experience for you and your business. I have tested the following cloud server hosting providers and I have found them the best due to their services and features.

1. eUKhost

eUKhost is one of the top cloud servers which offers great features and packages according to your need and preference. eUKhost provides shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, Domain Registration and so on.

Their packages are also quite customer-friendly which include basic, advanced and enterprise plans. You can start with a basic plan if you just want to test their services.

2. Hostinger

Hostinger is one of my recommendations for cloud server hosting as it also provides the greatest services like WordPress hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, website development and many other services.

Hostinger offers hosting plans at different price points which depend upon your needs and budget. So you can make a comprehensive plan with them before starting the services.

3. Rocket net

For small businesses and start-ups, Rocket net is a good option as a cloud hosting server as their services are quite economical. There is also no price increase on renewal, no hidden upsells and no other surprise costs.

4. Elementor

Elementor is a famous drag-and-drop page builder for WordPress and allows you to create and design your website conveniently even if you do not know any coding. Besides this, it also offers hosting plans, pre-designed templates, mobile editing, WooCommerce support and many other great features.

You can enjoy some services at Elementor free of cost and also upgrade it to the Pro once you are satisfied with their services.

Final Words

So, I would like to sum up my thoughts on this note that all of your business’s success and performance depends upon choosing the right and top cloud servers. And undoubtedly it is confusing to choose the right one when there is a number of providers that claim that they are the best. But final opinion is always based upon personal experience and feedback.

All the cloud server hosting providers mentioned above are the best with a little variation in their plans and charges. So you can confidently go with one you are comfortable with.

In addition to it, these providers offer an interface that is quite user-friendly in a very affordable package.

In my opinion, if you need a cloud server hosting provider for small businesses, then Rocket net is a good option but if you want it for an enterprise, then eUKhost is undoubtedly at the top of the list.

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